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    Effective Writing

    Effective Writing Effective Writing is essential for good Communication. We convey our message either verbally, Non-Verbally or through writing. Effective Writing is very important. Effective writing includes writing Emails which are used for business communication. It is necessary to learn how to write good emails so that the message is clear to the receiver and […]

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  • Process of Communication

    process of communication

    This article is a part of Communication Skills write-up published earlier. Process of Communication Message—————> Sender —————————> Receiver            <——————Feedback The process of communication is complete when the sender sends the message and the receiver receives the message. But communication is effective when the sender sends the message and the receiver receives the message in the […]

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  • Barriers to Communication

    Communication Barriers

    This article is a part of Communication Skills piece published earlier. Barriers to communication happen when the message encoded by the sender is not received in the same mode by the receiver but is distorted. There are various reasons for barriers to communication. They are – Preconceived notions – There are few norms which are […]

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  • Need for Communication


    This article is a part Communication Skills article published earlier. Need for Communication There are various needs for good communication. We need to communicate our thoughts and express ourselves to others. To communicate our feelings and let others know about us. Business houses communicate with their employees by means of emails and meetings to make […]

  • Communication Skills
  • Communication Skills


    This Article has been divided into several articles. Need for Communication Barriers to Communication Role of Attitude in Communication Role of Self-Esteem in Communication Process of Communication Importance of Listening in Communication Effective Writing Body Language Art of Dressing for Effective Communication   Being able to communicate effectively is the most important skill that is […]