3 P’s of Job Interview

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Prepare, Practice and Perform are the 3 P’s of Job Interview. Let us discuss them one by one.

Preparing is a very important aspect of the interview. An unprepared candidate has no idea of answering questions, dress code, or method of replying to a particular question.

Preparing involves searching for all probable questions by researching on the internet, going for soft skills coaching, consulting seniors, consulting employees of a particular company and answering all questions one by one. There may be many questions where a candidate gets stuck. He should look for all suitable answers and then go for the best answer. It’s always better to work under expert supervision. One question wrongly answered has the ability to change the direction of the interview. A lot of care has to be taken while answering any questions. An interviewer is asking a certain question keeping few aspects in mind, he is never asking something just for time pass. A candidate has to analyze every question and then answer any question. Take some time before answering questions. Take some time to recollect your thoughts before answering any question. Answer to the point and don’t beat in the bush. Keep your answers short and simple. Do not use technical words and jargon’s while answering nontechnical questions as it may confuse the interviewer who may be a nontechnical person.

Preparation is the key which has to be followed by practice. Practice how to answer a question in front of the mirror, in front of your friends or your elders. Practicing is very important. A lot of candidates search the net and gather all the necessary information but fail to practice. This lack of practice leads to their total failure on the final day of the interview. A candidate should not get over confident and practice again and again till full confidence is achieved while answering questions. Be prepared and open for feedback. This points out the negative aspects and improves the preparation process. Try to answer every question in the best possible way. Video tape the whole interview process and check how you look while answering questions and you can also study your body language. This will refine your preparation and give you an edge over others. Ask your elders and friends to comment o your body language when you go for a mock interview. You will improve when you are aware of your shortcomings. The only key to success is Practice, Practice, and Practice. There is no other shortcut to success.

Perform – Performing best or giving your best is a very important aspect of the interview. A lot of candidates prepare very hard, but they fail on the final performing or interview day due to nervousness. Don’t get nervous the interviewer is there to check your skills whether you fit their company or not, they are not going to eat you. Employers need good employees for running their business smoothly and if a candidate fits in he/ she is bound to get selected.

Practice deep breathing exercises on the day of the interview. Keep cool and calm. Talk with your seniors on how they maintained their cool during the interview. Learn from other’s experience and go for it. It’s your first chance to make that positive impression. You have got the option to make it or lose it. Why lose hope. Hope for the best and try hard to succeed.

What does Interviewer look for in a candidate?

The interviewer looks for qualities like good listening skills, good communication skills, a positive person, a self-starter etc. These qualities make a candidate different from the rest of the crowd. These qualities increase his chances of employability and an employer is always willing to hire a person who has the qualities which will help in the growth of the company. A productive employee does good work and helps in increasing the profit of the company. As a candidate always remember that the interviewer is conducting the interview to hire the right person for the vacant post and he would prefer someone who would do good work. If the qualities which the interviewer is looking for matches yours, you are sure to get hired. Work on your attitude and soft skills to easily sail through the interview.

Ability to work in a team – Employers look for candidates who can easily adjust themselves in a team and are easy to deal with. They look for candidates who has got the ability to work in a team. If a candidate is good at doing work alone and has got problems adjusting in a team, there are very few chances of his hiring as he will be a burden on the selected team for a particular task. The candidate should have the ability to deal with all team members.

Positive Attitude – Interviewers look for candidates with a positive mindset because a person with a negative attitude will be a burden for the company and will never be satisfied with anything in the company. Pessimistic people will keep mourning about everything and cause unnecessary hustles in the regular work. It’s always better not to employ them. A person with positive attitude is boon to the company and employer’s are happy hiring them as they work hard and reach their goal with a positive mindset and are prove to be satisfied employees in the long run

Learning ability – Employers are in a search for a candidate with good learning ability and a go getter for change. They want candidates who are ready to learn and not egoistic. Egoistic people think themselves at the top of the world and they consider themselves to be the best and not prepared to change. These type of people are a liability to the company. They just sit and draw a salary from normal work and are not ready to change. Employers don’t want such type of candidates. They look for fresh mindset who is ready to adapt to new learning’s. The technology is changing every minute and if someone is resistant to change and not ready to adapt then the chances of employment for such a candidate becomes almost nil.

Good Communication Skills – Interview is the process of selecting the best candidate for the job. The only medium of communication is our words and body language in face to face interview. The candidate should possess marvelous communication skills to make his point of view clear to the interviewer. A candidate with  an average score and excellent communication skills has got the most possibility for selection. The only reason being his convincing power. A candidate should know how to mold the interview in his favor. Communicating the point of view in the best possible way and explaining how he can serve and add values to the company will always be welcome. Many candidates fail to communicate properly and that is the only reason most qualified candidates are left behind and the average candidate gets selected.

Communication is an art and know how to master it. Learn and practice convincing ability.

Will to work – Employers look for candidates who has the knowledge and has the will to work. Merely having good technical skills will not do if there is no will to work in a candidate. Applying knowledge to the current work powered by will adds to the working ability.

A candidate with ability but no determination to work is a burden on the employer. That is why a candidate with  a strong will has increased chances of getting hired than a candidate with no aim.

Listening ability – A candidate with a good listening ability is always given importance over a candidate with poor listening skills.

There are many candidates who keep wandering at the time of interview and are preoccupied with their own self and when the interviewer asks the question they are absent minded. Applicant should keep his mind free to listen carefully to interviewers question.

Poor or improper listening may lead to misinterpretation of question and wrong answers. It’s always better to listen carefully before answering the question and asking for a clarification if necessary.

Taking Initiative – Interviewers look for a candidate who is a go getter and ready to take initiative and calculated risk. Initiative takers are those who are ready to experiment with things and they are problem solvers. They have a different perspective of looking at things. They concentrate more on the solution rather than on the problem.

Adjust to new surroundings – Interviewers look for candidates who are adjustable to new surroundings. Candidates who have shifting and adjusting problems are less likely to be hired for transferable jobs. They look for a mindset which is prepared for adapting to the new situation and new place.

Preference is given to candidates who are prepared for transfer when they need to work at different locations.

Command over language – Good command over language is very important. The interviewer looks for candidates who speak fluently. If it’s a multinational then fluency in English is a must. Do not run short of words while answering questions. It’s always better to practice and go for a lot of mock interviews before appearing for the final interview.
It shows off in your speech and it reflects confidence while answering questions.

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