Art of Dressing for Effective Communication

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Art of Dressing for Effective Communication 

We have discussed earlier that our body communicates. Communication of body is called body language. Everything associated with our body too communicates. The way we dress communicates a lot about our professionalism and our attitude towards life. The art of Dressing is important for Effective Communication.

When a person is going to face the interview he will be dressed in coat and tie rather than a normal wear. His dress speaks about the importance of the occasion and necessity for correct dressing. If a person is going to appear for an interview in jeans and funky T-shirt, he is sure to get rejected. There are few codes of conduct and dressing which has been made the rule and is expected to be followed under all circumstances.

A lady dressed in heavy jewellery and full makeup shows she is getting ready to a wedding or party. She will never go to the office with full makeup as it will feel very awkward.

There is a dress code for employees in various offices so that the employees feel their belongingness with the company and work hard. It shows their professionalism.

A joker dresses in multi-coloured clothes because he wants the whole audience to perceive him that way so his dressing sense speaks the same.

We expect the Sadhus and saints to be dressed in saffron coloured clothes because if they dress the same way like us there will be no difference. Their dress communicates about their exact profession.

You can differentiate between a government employee and a private company employee just by their dressing sense and behaviour.

When we go out for a movie or picnic we dress in casual clothes and we can wear anything which is comfortable to us.

Our dress do communicate a lot about our behaviour, our profession and our mindset. So next time when you are going out do keep a watch on what you are wearing or you may be sending wrong signals.

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