Blindfold Communication skills Game

This article is for Soft Skills Trainers. 

Blindfold Communication skills Game

Communication skills occupy a big space in a person’s life. You start and end your day with communication. But there are few parts of communication where you need to master yourself to put your message across the right way and also to excel in your career. You should be good in Verbal, Nonverbal as well as written communication. You should be clear and precise in whatever you communicate so that people understand what you have spoken or written.

In a Communication Skills training program, a soft skills trainer plans certain games to make the audience understand the importance of communication. Here I am outlining one such game called Blindfolded communication skills game.

The purpose behind conducting this game is to help the audience understand the importance of one to one communication (Here only one person communicates with the other person).

This training game can be conducted for an audience of 20 (It can also be conducted for an audience of 30 people) people. Make a group of 5 people. You will form 4 groups of 5 people. Allot 5 minutes time duration to each group for completion of the activity.

You need a space of 8 ft by 8 ft or 8ft by 10ft. Make an outline by chalk. A big space for proper movement. Make paper balls and throw them in that space. You can also throw some rubber balls. Throw a total of 30 to 32 balls (Rubber balls + Paper balls) in the given space. Call the first group. Ask the group members to choose one person who will be blindfolded. Then tie a black cotton cloth with white cotton balls inside so that nothing is visible. Leave that blindfolded person at one end and then ask one of the team members to guide his teammate to the other end without touching any of the paper or rubber balls. And if any of the balls is touched there would be a penalty of 1 marks. Choose a person who will count the number of balls which are touched by the blindfolded person.

That blindfolded person will walk from one end to the other end according to the message he receives from his one team member. Once done again leave that blindfolded person at one end and now ask rest of the 4 team members to communicate with the blindfolded person and help him cross the place filled with balls. You will see that this time it really gets difficult for the blindfolded person to walk since he receives “N” number of messages from 4 different people. The blindfolded person may or may not successfully cross the balls space.

Conduct this activity for rest of the group. It is really funny and everyone will enjoy the game. This game is ideal for an audience of 20 people. You will include 5 people in one group and allot 5 minutes time to each group. That way it will take 20 minutes for the completion of the activity. Discuss the lessons learnt from the game for 10 – 15 minutes. The whole game will take 30 – 35 minutes. Count the negative marks received by all the 4 teams. The team which receives less negative marking is the winner of the game.

Ask all the blindfolded persons to stand up and share their view. Ask them how easy it was to walk through the place filled with balls when only one person was communicating and how difficult it got when 4 people were communicating at the same time. You will hear that it was easy for the blindfolded person to walk during one to one communication and it got difficult when four people were guiding him.

This training game helps in understanding the importance of one to one communication.

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