Communication Skills

This Article has been divided into several articles.

  1. Need for Communication
  2. Barriers to Communication
  3. Role of Attitude in Communication
  4. Role of Self-Esteem in Communication
  5. Process of Communication
  6. Importance of Listening in Communication
  7. Effective Writing
  8. Body Language
  9. Art of Dressing for Effective Communication


Being able to communicate effectively is the most important skill that is needed in today’s world.

Communication is the process of transferring information from one place to another. Communication can be through spoken words,  written contents, visually or non-verbally.

What are Communication Skills?

Communication Skills is the ability to convey information to another effectively and efficiently.
There are various methods of communication –

Blog – We can publish our opinion and write our view on a product or service or about our own life. It’s like a diary which we maintain for an everyday conversation with ourselves so that we can go back and read the pages and learn from our success and failures. It’s a method of communication with the  outside world where we write our views and receive feedback for further improvement.

News Paper are a great source of communication – It updates our knowledge about all recent happenings around the world. Helps us refine our thinking, Know about people around us. Companies advertise and gain sales by increasing customer base and building faith.

Social Networking websites – like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Orkut, Myspace, LinkedIn helps us to network and establish communication with people throughout the world, do friendship with them, build a relationship and even do good businesses together by following the recommendations from companies like The Marketing Heaven. We like associating with people whom we know and it’s most likely that we end up doing business with them thus social networking   websites gives us a big platform to make friends and know each other.

Television – Its a great way to communicate with millions without wasting much time and energy. Branded companies communicate about their new product or service by means of advertisements to gain customers. Politicians and big leaders communicate to the nation and gain support. It’s a cost-effective means of communication.

Radio too has established a base in communication with the audience. Any news or changes can be broadcasted. It is cheaper when compared to television. It helps in reaching the masses and even the audience can communicate with the Radio Jockey and express their views.

Phone – It is a means of two-way communication. We can talk to our loved ones, family, friends and clients with the help of phone. Mobile and landline both are useful. Mobile phones can be carried everywhere can helps in establishing communication with the outside world. Our voice displays our emotions and helps in establishing rapport with the person we are talking.

Video Chat – By means of Skype, Google talk etc. These helps us in communicating with the outside world by means of VOIP. We can talk to the other person without spending money and make our presence felt. This is the advanced mode of communication which can be achieved by high-speed Internet connectivity.

I believe everything around us communicates. We should be ready to read those signals and then process it in our mind and try to understand what is being communicated.

We human beings communicate by means of voice. We all have different languages to express ourselves. We even communicate by our voice, Tone and body language. I remember in school days we used to communicate with our friends by sign language without disturbing the whole class. It’s all upon us as to which method we choose for communication. Some may be comfortable with one while others with the rest but that never means that one is better over the other. It’s we who decide which is the best mode of communication for us. VinayRas Infotech is a software development company and we deal with clients throughout the world and we have never met any of the clients in person, but we are doing business with them. We talk on the phone, through mail and chat. That is the way we communicate with each other and work, but there are many who will not establish a business relationship without meeting in person. At that time the mode of communication changes.

When I was starting Attitude School I communicated with a lot of people. Many asked me to meet in person as they felt it was difficult to explain things on emails, chat or phone. But I gathered a lot of information by talking to people on the phone, on chat and by means of emails. It’s upon us how open we are to communication and how comfortable we are with the latest technology. The more we adapt and learn the more useful it seems and when we run from the latest gadgets everything seems useless. It’s how comfortable we are to communicate our opinion and views with the outside world and good we are at avoiding miscommunication and noise.

An unkept table communicates an unprofessional attitude of the person working on the table. The way we talk, walk, eat and dress, everything communicates and lets the other person know about us. If we treat others with respect it will be communicated by means of our action. I remember going out with a friend of mine to a restaurant for dinner. He did not respect the waiter though he was years older than him. But showed his respect towards me. I immediately came to know that he is an imposter and is an egocentric person. These small gestures speak a lot about a person.

I would request all of you to notice all happenings around you and listen to the communication. Even non-living things communicate.

There is great importance of communication in a business environment as the gaps cause grapevine and hence problems in an organization. Employees not good at interpersonal communication face problems as they are not expressive and cannot tell their views. To be a successful person, one has to understand the need for correct communication.

There are two methods of communication – Formal & Informal

A formal method of communication is used in a formal setting like office or business meetings.

Informal methods of communication can happen between friends. Both methods of communication are effective but at times a person has to switch between both for sorting a problem and finding a solution.


Duration – 2 Days

Program Outline:

  • Role of Positive Attitude for Effective Communication
  • Confidence Building for Effective Communication
  • Self Analysis
  • Tips for Effective Speaking
  • Importance of Verbal and Nonverbal Communication
  • Developing Self Esteem
  • Importance of Voice and Tone
  • Importance of Body Language
  • Power of Active Listening
  • Telephone Etiquette
  • Effective Email Etiquette

Methodology :

  • Lectures
  • Exercises
  • Role Plays
  • Feedback

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