Don’t Ask These Questions in a Job Interview

Don’t Ask These Questions in a Job Interview

A Job Interview is conducted by the employer to select a candidate for a particular post. A candidate has to be well prepared for the job interview so that he answers questions to the point and does not beat in the bush. During the interview process, the interviewer will pose all questions related to the job and you as a candidate has to answer them precisely. When the interviewer is done with his set of questions he would ask you if there is something which you want to know about the company. Here you have to be very smart while asking any particular question because that very question will make or break your interview. If you have made a good impression and ask a wrong question you lose all your chances of selection.

Here are few questions which should not be asked by the candidate during Job Interview.

What I will have to do in this position?

You should not ask this question because all the details of the job have been published by the company. When you ask this question it shows you never bothered to read about the Job position in full detail and eagerly applied for the job without much interest in it. A lot of candidates apply for various positions in a hurry without actually finding out much about the position. Companies are not interested in candidates who shows a lack of awareness. The HR person conducting the interview is looking for people who perform well and are self-starters.

Will I have to work on Weekends?

This question should be avoided by the candidate. If there is work which has certain deadlines then you will have to work on weekends to complete the work. The company is hiring you to get the work done. Every company cares for its employees. Once you get hired by the company and actually start working there, you will get to know everyone well and you can communicate with the HR person if you have problems coming to office on weekends. You will be in a right position to ask this question once you are selected but at the start it will show your lack of flexibility.

Will my background be checked?

You should never ask questions related to background check since it shows you want to hide something. You may not do this purposely as a candidate, but then this question tarnishes your image in front of the interviewer. Companies check the background of employees as well as their social presence to know more about them. They will do it whether you ask them or not. Questions like these are never entertained by the interviewer and it even lessens your chances of selection.

How long will it take for me to get promoted?

Any questions related to promotion would be too early to be asked in a job interview. Once you get selected, you work and adjust to the company environment. When your do good work you are sure to get promoted. Every company wants its employees to prosper and not stagnate in one single position. They need people who expand their knowledge and help in the growth of the company. There are so many criterias for promotion and it would get difficult for the employer to answer this question at the start.

Interviews are conducted for selecting a candidate for a particular post. The employer is looking for the best fit. Increase your chances of selection by getting more interested in the company by doing full preparation before you appear for the job interview.

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