Effective Public Speaking: Use of Visual Aids

Use of Visual aids in making a great speech is a part of Effective Public Speaking article which we discussed earlier.

Effective Public Speaking: Use of Visual Aids

The purpose of visual aids is to simply reinforce the message of your presentation. Effective Public Speaking requires the correct use of Visual aids. 

Visual aid enhances effective public speaking. Visual aids include – power point, Flip charts, videos, whiteboard and props ( Object used in the presentation ). Visual aids help in getting your message across to the audience. Visual aids enhance understanding of a subject being discussed by the speaker. It helps the speaker in making his point clearly so that the audience understands the topic being discussed clearly. Visual aids are there to assist the speaker in making his speech effective, but they should not replace the speaker who is the hero of Effective Public speaking.

Points to be kept in mind while designing power point presentations –

1) Use a simple layout. Avoid using multicolored layouts as it distracts the audience. Check out iconvert

2) Use Arial, Times Roman font or any readable font. Font size should be 28 and above as small fonts create difficulty in reading from a distance.

3) Use bullet points to state a point. Do not write paragraphs to convey a message.

4) Light background slides will carry dark font colors. If using, Dark background slides use light colors. It’s always recommended using light background slides with dark fonts like black, as it increases the visibility and readability.

5) Use relevant pictures in slides. Don’t cover up with full text. Use pictures which suit the content of the slide. Don’t add something irrelevant. Don’t use animated images. They keep moving and distracting the audience.

6) Avoid too much statistics. If you want to use them use gracefully or everyone will get entangled in the figures and will stop listening to the underlying message.

7) Don’t copy-paste someone else’s point into yours. If you want to add them, modify so that it does not spoil symmetry of your slides.

8) Make your own power point presentations. Don’t bring others presentation because you get confused.

9) Avoid spelling mistakes.

Videos should match the subject of the speech. It should clearly state a point.

The whiteboard is best for writing when making a point. Don’t use it as a lectern for standing.

Inform the Audience

Your speech should be informative. It should include all necessary information’s. For example, if you are the top management and you are going to give a speech about new company product to your employees then it should include every data about your product and other existing product in the market. And what all strategies needs to be worked out to make the product successful. The employees should get enough knowledge after listening to you.

The informing speech covers all data and graphs. You can make power point presentations to inform your audience so that they get a clear picture of what you want to say.

You can inform the audience by means of pictorial and video presentation too.

Educate the Audience

After informing your audience, you need to educate them to find a solution to the stated problem. A speaker first introduces a topic and then gets into the core of it. He states a problem, solves the problem and motivates his audience to follow his solution.  If you are the owner of the company you can educate your employees about the new methods of working or new technology which you are going to adopt in your company.

Learn how to educate your audience.

Persuade the Audience

Lastly, you need to persuade your audience to follow the lessons from your speech. If you are the top management of the company you persuade your employees to adapt to newer technologies for an increase in growth and development of the company. This will lead to increased profits and better market penetration.

If you are a class leader you persuade your friends to follow new techniques of writing good answers and score good marks.
If you are not able to persuade your audience then your speech has failed to get expected results.

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