Effective Writing

Effective Writing

Effective Writing is essential for good Communication. We convey our message either verbally, Non-Verbally or through writing. Effective Writing is very important. Effective writing includes writing Emails which are used for business communication. It is necessary to learn how to write good emails so that the message is clear to the receiver and is simple to understand. A lot of work gets done through phone and emails.

Your audience will define your style of writing whether to your friend, boss or client. You will decide the tone of your writing accordingly.

Write in a language which can be understood by the target audience, be precise and do not write long emails. Just make your point and do not beat in the bush. No one is interested in how flowery your English is, the main thing is your message should get across to your audience.

Writing Style

Define the method of writing according to your acquaintance with the person. If you writing to someone for the first time, it’s necessary that you introduce yourself first and then the reason for writing the mail. This will increase your chances of getting read or else people will delete your email and get on to the next one. Imagine a person who is getting thousand of emails in his inbox. He is sure to read something which sounds interesting and discard the rest.


Structuring a written document is very important. It should have headings, sub- headings and numbering to convey the message. It is easy for anyone to just read the bullet points if they cannot read rest of the stuff. Writing long paragraphs will not serve the purpose as the reader will lose interest in between and leave the document.

Adding graphs and charts will help in getting the message across without much-written stuff and it’s easy to understand.

Avoid Grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. Know the proper usage of –

1) Affect – Influence; Effect – outcome

2) There; their

3) were; where

Avoid spelling mistakes and always write in a word document so that you can spell check your written content.

Proofreading is very important. Once you are ready with the written document read it at least two times to avoid any mistakes. With practice, a person can write effectively.

Know when to use which type of salutation.

Avoid Technical terms and short forms. Know when to use full stop and comma.

Do not write gender specific email when addressing both male and female.

Learn the art of writing and develop it over a period of time. Writing is an art and it will improve only with experience.

Writing can be effective only when the message is transmitted to the sender in a language which can be best understood. Most of the people are well versed with their native languages and hindi but find it difficult to communicate fully in english. These types of people should improve their english and take the help of a qualified person for writing.

Writing occupies a large part in communication and grammatical errors or spelling mistakes will mislead a reader and even lose credibility of the person writing it. Never try writing to a person in a language not known to you just for a positive impression. It is always recommended to have command over a language before using it or it may lead to a disastrous situation.

I received an email from a job seeker who was not well versed with english and tried to write the whole resume in english. There were sentence building problem and grammatical errors and he has eaten most of the words which were necessary for understanding what he wanted to convey.

The mail was “ I am apply for data job. Please look in resume and call me.

I will fill all purpose of company and will satisfy the job and work with dis pleasure —– and on and on.” So the thing he wanted to convey was that he will serve as a good employee but what he conveyed by his writing was just the opposite of what he wanted to convey. Therefore, it is very necessary to get a proofread done by a person who writes good English. You need to put efforts in learning the language yourself.

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