Give a Boost to your Self Confidence to move ahead in Life

Give a Boost to your Self Confidence to move ahead in Life

How many times in your life have you felt, God I needed a little more self confidence to get through this interview or talk to the boss and speak my mind. We all face such situations where we wanted to have more self confidence just to tide over the present situation. We need the self confidence to speak our mind to our colleague, to delegate a work to our junior or just to make a valid opinion. I have seen students and working professionals with words stuck in their mouth because they did not speak what they wanted thinking others were good in their opinion.

There are various reasons a person can lack self-confidence. Reasons are a low self-image (Image of oneself). Thinking that others are better than you. They have a more valid point than you have. What if you speak and others laugh. What if you get stuck. You concentrate on all those qualities which are not in you and forget what you have. If you would just concentrate on what it is that differentiates you from the masses, you will be confident enough to speak and put your point across the audience. Build a strong self-image where you face every situation with full self-confidence.

You build self confidence over a period of time. It is more like building a particular muscle in a body. It takes time to build self confidence. You can attend training programs on self confidence. It will show you a path on which you have to travel. but it is you who has to traverse the path and gain your confidence. Every day you have to work on it. It is not one or two days work, but I would say you have to invest in it for a lifetime. Keep yourself updated about your field so that when others speak you can understand what they are talking about. Read books, be in touch with people whose company adds to your self-confidence. Do not be in the company of people who belittle you.

You get rid of those empty souls who do not add to your life but drain away your energy and make you feel small all the time. Be in the company of good knowledgeable people. You will get a lot to learn from them and you will also learn ways of boosting your self confidence. Feel good about the person you are from inside. When you are positive from inside then you will create a confident aura outside. Take initiative, do good work, help other people achieve their goals and voice your opinion when needed, you will feel a new person within you who is more dynamic and confident. People around you will give you their opinions. Listen patiently to them, do not over react. Work on those areas where you think a genuine opinion was given and leave those who told you something just out of jealousy.

You are a new person every day. Just as bathing and brushing are recommended for good hygiene so is self-confidence important for a good quality life. When your self confidence is low it gets difficult for you to talk to even the person who is sitting next to you. You cannot ask for that pay hike even when you know you had put in lots of effort. You start retreating in a cocoon and complain that the whole world out there is wrong. You start building your own world and find an excuse in every failures and problem. Your low confidence takes away your mental peace and adds on to your daily stress because you cannot express yourself.

Every person faces a period of low self confidence when he is down and out or when encountered with failures. It is absolutely ok to feel that way. But then we should be sitting comfortable in that position. We have to come out of those problematic situations and start life once again. Things will work only when you make them work. There is no confidence building pill in the market. If there would have been one, it would have always run out of stock. Self confidence boosts with decision making. All right decisions are welcomed but its is only when you take a wrong decision that all your abilities are tested. Decisions can go right or wrong. Accept the wrong ones and be prepared to handle it. You should have to courage to take responsibility for all the bad decisions you took. The best part is you decided. Even top notch professionals make mistakes. Learn and grow but never stop the process of decision making. Decide for yourself and your career. Do not dwarf yourself in the shed of another person who makes all your decisions. Grow up and make your own decisions to be self-confident.

I am a Soft Skills Trainer by profession. People come to me for all the answers. But there are times when they have the answers themselves. The problem is that they are not ready to change themselves and work on their old habit to gain more self confidence. You have to replace bad habits with good ones, find a replacement for old worn out notions which is still lying in your head. Declutter your mind as you clean your wardrobe. Throw off all that is unnecessary from your brain. When your mind is clean and clear, more sunlight will enter from the windows of your eyes and you will shine brighter. Get rid of all those past experiences which trap you. Break your own barriers and gain more self confidence. The problem with most of us is that we trap ourselves in our own thoughts and want others to free us. It is only with proper introspection that we realize that we are the ones who possess the keys to our confident selves.

Do not compare yourself with others. We are all different human beings in different bodies with different mindsets. No two people are the same. When you compare your qualities with qualities of other people you start feeling low or suffer from low self confidence. Never fall in the comparison trap even if others do it for you by comparing you with other people. You are unique, you are different. How can you be someone else? You have got your own strengths and weakness and the other person too has his own set of both. Different people are hired for different positions because they fit in that position. People with same traits are never hired for all job vacancies. Did you ever think why? Because every job position needed different qualities. There are different types of people. There are people who can work in a group, take leadership positions with convenience, work long hours, is a good coworker etc. But ever thought what would happen if all these people interchanged positions. The whole work environment would get topsy turvy and get out of balance.
Get confident, about yourself, the work which you do, the contributions you make in the society and towards your family. Be the best in whatever you do. Never leave a chance for your own improvement. Get better each day and you yourself will feel an upsurge of self-confidence within you. Wear right clothes which make you comfortable. Do not copy others. Do what you feel right and never get carried away by others opinions. Voice your opinion whenever needed. Make your own choices. Let the other person give an opinion but you make the last decision. It is all the small things that we do in our day to day life that adds on to our self-confidence. Start working on yourself if you feel you need some more confidence to get through life and achieve what you want in your career.

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