Goal Planning

In the earlier article, we discussed Goal Setting.

Goal Planning

We have discussed earlier that Goal setting is an important aspect in achieving success or a life of our dreams but there are few myths behind goal setting which prevent people from setting goals and hence leads to their failure or a mediocre life, not a satisfied fulfilling life. Planning how to reach our Goals is very important because without a proper plan it would lead nowhere. We will be beating more in the bush rather that the specific point. Goal Planning Schedule will increase our focus towards the goal and the mind will be more concentrated towards its fulfillment. 

Let us discuss the 5 myths of goal setting:

1) Myth One:  ” I already have goals. I don’t need to set any “ – A person feels that he has goals in life like becoming successful or reaching the top or doing the best in whatever they do, so they feel that they already have goals in life and do not need to set any for their best future. They fail to realise that goals need to be very very specific and they need to have proper planning to achieve goals. Goals need to be reviewed and constantly updated as the situation may not be the same as planned. You need to adjust yourself according to the time and present moment

2) Myth Two – “ I don’t need goals, I am doing fine “.

Many people argue that they do not need goals in life and that they are doing fine without goals. They are successful and are in the process of achieving a life which they desired, but the problem is that they fail to understand that they will be more successful if they set a goal, plan their life and trod a path which they desired. Life without goals is a life without any proper destinations. It is like we are moving forward in life without knowing our final destination, without any maps or directions. This means that we are sure to land up to any unplanned destinations which may or may not make us happy. Clear targets increase our focus and we are sure to reach our planned destination on time and more motivated to follow our path in spite of all the obstacles.

3) Myth Three – “ I do not need written goals, I have all of them in my mind”

The problem is people feel they have all goals in their mind so they do not need to write their goals. A person plans lots of stuff in any single day and may set 100 and 1000’s of goals in a day, remembering them becomes a tedious task and the persons more likely to lose track of his actual goal and remember other unnecessary stuffs. It is very important to put goals in writing so that it gets easier to look at it too often and remember it. A great proverb “Out of sight is out of mind”

very correctly applies here, if a person has no written goals he will lose track of his planned path after facing obstacles and change his course his course to something else. But if he has written his goals he will try to achieve it with lots of perseverance and determination.

4) Myth Four – “ I don’t know how to set goals”

There is no university which teaches you how to set goals. They just teach the required courses and give degrees. No one will tell you exactly how to set goals and which goal will suit you. It is you who has to decide what you want to achieve and how you want to achieve you goal. Goal setting is not at all a tedious task, it is very easy but yes you need to do a lot of brainstorming as to what you want to do before you set goals. You will learn the process of goal setting and it’s achievement when you plan to reach your desired destination. It will feel tough at the start but once it becomes a part of an everyday process you will not find difficulty in setting goals and achieving them.

5) Myth Five – “ Goals don’t work; Life is too unpredictable “

No one can predict the course of life or whether things will work according to our plan or not. When a plane takes off it may lose course of its planned route but it will not get lost as the pilot tries to bring the plane back on track and does bot allows the aircraft to lose its planned track, same is our life when we have goals we move in a planned direction, we may face obstacles and problems for a short period of time, but we come back on track and move towards our goal. It does not happen that we live our life as situation arrives in our life.

Full Year Planning 

“Perhaps the two most important qualities of success are focus and concentration. Focus means knowing exactly what it is you want and concentration means having the discipline to concentrate single-mindedly on one thing, the most important thing until it is complete.”

“There are no limits on your future if you can focus on every hour of every single day.”

Planning the full year is very important. What is it that we want to achieve, how we want to achieve it, defining a deadline and a clear vision to look into future and forget the past. We should look ahead at the coming year with lots of hope and aspirations and leave the ending year with a vision that we will achieve what is left out in the coming year which moves us forward towards our goal. As we plan our monthly investments and yearly investments, in the same way, we need to plan for our life as to what exact measures we will take which moves us closer to our goals. We need to measure the distance covered and how far we still need to go to reach our final destination.

Focus and concentration are very important ingredients required to achieve our goals. Focus single-minded on what we want to achieve. And once it is decided work with full concentration in achieving it without any distractions. When we focus our energy on one single point we are sure to succeed because we discipline ourselves and program our mind to think in a particular direction. It makes us live for the fulfillment and we are sure to achieve success. It may be on time or after our planned time, but we will never deviate much from the set path or goal.

We need to have a long and good vision so that we can see our successful plan at the end of 12 months and the major outcomes of successfully achieving it. We should be able to visualise the whole scenario which we have planned at the end of 12 months, at the start so that we can define the exact course of action, write down major obstacles and how to reach our destination. Good leaders are capable of visualising the future or they can see the whole plan in front of their eyes, that is called a leader with good vision. Things may or may not work according to what we have planned, but that does not mean, that we should not set goals.

7 Step Goal setting Model 

1) Decide Exactly what you want – We have to be very clear of our goals and what is it that we want to achieve. . This gives clarity of mind and gives us a focus. When we are focused on our goals and decide exactly what we want we move closer and closer to our goals till we actually achieve it one day. For example I had set my goal to become a soft skills trainer in the year 2010, but due to some personal problems I could not achieve my goal, but I did not give up and focused my energy on becoming soft skills trainer in the year 2011.  I successfully passed the program and achieved my goal of becoming a soft skills trainer. We need to be very very specific about our goal to be successful.

2) Write your goals down on paper – It is necessary for us to write our goals on paper so that we can review it from time to time and make modifications according to the current scenario. When goals are in our mind we are more likely to lose track of things and lose focus of our goals. Writing down our goals on paper saves a lot of our time and years of our life which we would have spend without specific direction. Life with full planning is a life with a proper destination and proper directions and path. We know which way to go, a path which moves us closer to our goal.

3) Set a deadline – Setting a deadline is very important. Deadline let us know the exact time period we have set to achieve our goal. Timing our goal is very important because if we set a goal without time period we are sure to waste lots of time and energy in achieving it. Without timeline we get lazy and procrastinate our work to tomorrow and it so happens that tomorrow never comes and the work gets left over and we finish all unnecessary work which eats up a major portion of our time. A deadline programs our mind to get disciplined and work on time so that things get completed on schedule.

4) Make a list of everything you have to do to achieve your goal – It is always advisable to make a list of things which will help us in achieving our goal. Most of the time we set a major goal, but we forget to list down small mini goals which will help us in achieving our big goal. We lose clarity and are not clear of what small steps we need to take to take to achieve that major goal. We also need to give mini deadlines which help us in achieving our short term goals or mini goals in time. Listing is important. Do not leave any small point thinking it to be useless, everything matters and small things makes a large difference in our life.

5) Organise your list into a plan – Organising our list into a plan is important. We need to make a list and number it so that we know what precedes a certain point and what needs to be done to achieve our specific target. This list helps us in planning accordingly as to what will follow next and what results we should expect after execution of a specific plan.

6) Take Action – We have planned and listed our goals, have set a deadline now what. Something more needs to be done further that is “ Action”. Taking action is very important part in the achievement of goals. A lot of people plan and leave goals on paper and do not take action, they just keep on procrastination until others take action and execute their goals. An action is necessary because mere planning will not help us succeed. We need to work hard and check that everything falls into place. If something is causing problems we need to take steps to fix them and correct our course of action.

7) Do something every day to move you towards your goals – We need to do something every day which moves us towards our goals. A single day should not pass without doing any work which will move us closer to our goals. We must do something every day which moves us closer to our goals and helps us reach our final destination.

Mental Diet 

Positive mental diet is the key to success. We need to keep repeating to ourselves that “ It is possible “, I can do it, I am the best. The problem is average person thinks negatively most of the time which leads to less growth and success. Positive self-talk leads to increased self-confidence and motivation which increases our efficiency and leads to success in the long run.

We eat food every day according to our requirement. When we eat nutritious food we are more energised and fit, the same way when we feed our brain with positive self-talk, it will increase our efficiency. Self-talk occurs about things which worry us, our problems, work, or unaccomplished tasks. when the self-talk gets positive a person feels a difference in his life with renewed energy.

Read good books, associate with good people, have a friend circle of like-minded people, this helps your mind feed with positive talks. If you associate with negative people or people who keep mourning about their problems all the time, you are more likely to turn like them.

Have a role, model. A person who inspires you. A role model motivates us to move ahead in life and become successful like them in our field. It helps us in accepting sets backs and obstacles in life much better. We can cope up with life better when faced with failures.

Always plan things before execution. This will help us in finding ways to reach our final destination. If faced with changes we are more likely to change ourselves and take a new direction to reach our final destination.

Become an expert in whatever you do. If you are doing business, read more about running your business successfully. Keep yourself updated with the recent happenings in your field. Improve your knowledge, learn something new every day so that you are not beaten back by your competitors. 

Always remember positive self-talk and positive thoughts are nutritious food for your brain and it will work best when well fed. Do not dwell on the past which bites, concentrate on the future. Concentrate on the future upcoming success than failures.

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