Goal Setting

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  1. Goal Setting: Set SMART Goals
  2. Goal Planning
  3. Goal Writing: Important aspect of Goal Setting
  4. The power of Self-discipline
  5. Goal Setting: Develop a New Habit


A goal is the desired result that a person or a system envisions, plans and commits to achieve.

Goals occupy an important aspect in our life. The thing which needs to be kept in mind while setting goals is when dreaming, dream big. Big and higher goals can be achieved by coming out of our comfort zone. A comfort zone is a zone which we have fixed for ourselves, we feel very relaxed and tension free in this zone as there is no day to day challenges. But when we aim big we have to move out of our comfort zone. we cannot reach great heights by staying in our comfort zone. Moving out of the zone is not easy. It is difficult in the beginning but after repeated work it becomes a habit and we feel more empowered and in control of our own selves.

Goal setting is a trajectory which decides the path of our movement. We will achieve them based on our level of self-discipline, commitment, and motivation towards reaching the goal.

We find a role model and learn from them. A role model can be a person from any field. The purpose behind selecting a role model is to stay motivated and learn from his success and failures in life. This helps us in accepting the failures which we endure in our path of achievements. A role model can be any person from Film industry like Amitabh Bachchan, Cricketer – Sachin Tendulkar, Lady Entrepreneur – Kiran Majumdar Shaw or your Dad, brother or sister. The thing which should be kept in mind while selecting a role model is the person should be a source of constant motivation and inspiration. We have heard a lot about goals, but it is we who has to carve our own path and travel on it. The journey may not be same as others, the path may seem lonely and competitive but when we have decided to travel we have to walk along and leave our own signature while we take a long walk towards our goal.
The goal is a basic necessity to reach high. We need goals in each and every sphere of life. It may be our personal life, career goals, or professional goals. without goals we are a directionless arrow moving with the wind in any direction. Our mind becomes a junk box without any aim or purpose in life. Soon we get bored with repetitive action and want a change. The change may or may not work in our favor but with a goal and plan in hand we traverse the path and take bold decisions. I would request all to set goals and have a proper plan. The plan may not move according to what has been set, but with few changes it is sure to be a success.


Why do we set Goals?

Goals are something which gives more purpose and meaning to our life. We pound out of bed and lead a disciplined life to fulfil a purpose which is much more important than our personal self and existence. A path to trod, a goal to achieve and contribute to the well-being of the human race.

There are many reasons as to why do we set goals in life –

1) Goals help in setting a destination – When we have set a destination as to where we want to reach, what we want to achieve in life and by what means, it gives more meaning and purpose to our life. Goals give us a direction and help us in creating a positive frame in mind and then in reality. We have to ask ourselves every day, will I reach my destination by whatever I am doing today. If not where I am going wrong, what measures needs to be taken so that I move closer towards my goal and my path. These feelings prevent us from going astray and helps us in utilising our time doing quality work. It also prevents wastage of time spent gossiping and thinking about other people. Helps us focus on the most important tasks while leaving the rest of time wasters.

2) Keeps you motivated – Goals motivates a person to achieve incredible dreams which seemed impossible at the start. We need the motivation to live our life every day. Just a normal day to day schedule without any purpose will lead to dissatisfaction. Motivation to reach or achieve a goal in a specific time period binds a person to a higher purpose. Without ambition, the path would seem longer and full of obstacles. With a clear vision or concentration on a particular goal, all unimportant things fall apart and we no longer see any hurdles in our path. Motivation keeps the fire burning inside us to work hard and try an extra edge over others. To think from a different perspective and be unique in whatever we do.

3) Keeps you accountable – When you set a goal in life you are accountable to all your actions and the final destination you reach. When we set a particular goal we have to take measures to achieve it and the end result in the sum of all the hard work which we do to achieve it. We cannot blame someone else for not achieving our goal or lack of help from others. It is we who has to get our work done on time to achieve our destination. For example if a student gets fewer marks in organisational behaviour, say 40 out of 100 marks. Just pass marks then he can set a goal to achieve 80 in the coming quarterly exams. For that he needs to schedule things. How much time will be spent on studying OB and other subjects which are weak? This will help the person in taking action. If the particular students receive fewer marks then he is responsible for it. The reason can be a laid back attitude or following schedule for one or two weeks and then  getting back to normal stuff. When we set a goal we have to commit ourselves to it. Just thinking and writing on paper is not important but it needs to reach our subconscious mind which reminds us what needs to be done every day. It is more about implementation that theory.

4) Helps us in reaching our Highest potential – Goals helps us in achieving the impossible. Without goals, we end up spending and wasting our time on stuff which are not at all important in our life and things which will not contribute in our success. When we set a particular goal we persevere to achieve it which helps us in coming out of our comfort zone and do something which we never did before. For example, I am a soft skills trainer. I need to travel a lot for training programs. But I don’t do the unnecessary travelling. I travel only when needed and when important. The rest of the time I spend working on my goals. This prevents extra exertion and clears my mind as to what will help me in moving closer to my goals. Keeping myself updated with the recent happenings and regular study increases my knowledge and improves my thinking.

5) To know when we have reached our destination – Goals differ from person to person. A lady can have a goal to complete her higher studies if she is not well educated due to early marriage and family responsibility while the other person has the goal to become a member of the board of directors of the company 5 years down the line. There are no comparisons each and every person has his / her own goals and they carve a path to reach it. When the destination is reached after 5 years it is very important to celebrate the success and start planning for the next goal to reach. This way the sweet memory of success lingers in our brain and helps us in motivating towards the next set goal. Sometimes it takes more time to reach our goal, it may be due to problems in personal life or changes in outside environment which is not under our control. It is better to have patience at that time and then move forward with a new and different approach.


Role of Self Confidence in setting Goals –

Self-confidence leads to high self-esteem and high self-image. These components help us in setting goals. There are many people who do not set goals due to the fear of failure or they think they are too small to achieve anything in life and just carry on or do what they have been doing all their life. A self-confident person speaks and remains glued to his goal and vision when others cannot figure out what he / she is doing, that is the moment when they start criticising and doubt his ability.

Self-confidence empowers a person and he is not afraid of failure. The person is aware that Success and failures are two sides of a coin. Their purpose is to move on, work hard and achieve their goal which previously seemed impossible due to lack of confidence or due to judgements or others showing us how small we were to achieve our goal.

Do not let others judge or belittle you. Compete with your own self. Do not compare yourself to others. when you do that you are sure to lose confidence because no two people can carry the same qualities. Everyone has got his own share of strengths and weaknesses. The point is to rise above all weaknesses and move on. Every person failed before achieving success. So it is quite normal to fail. Self-confidence helps in wiping our tears and again standing to walk the chosen path towards our goal or dream. There are times when nothing seems to work out the whole world stands against us. But we have to move on and believe in ourselves and our dreams. Self-confidence keeps the firing burning in our mind and helps us in moving ahead. The day we lose our confidence everything is lost. Without self-confidence, a person finds difficulty in achieving any tasks. The faith the belief we have in ourselves in the only armour which we carry when we want to do something. Alone knowledge will not help and confidence is necessary. The goal may be to do maximum sales in a day to conducting the best program in the coming months. Self-confidence boosts our morale and helps us in achieving our target.

The confidence that we are capable of doing the given task at hand, the confidence that we will do our best, the confidence that moving is life and stopping is the end makes a lot of difference in a person’s life and his thinking. Self-confidence changes the thinking of a person from negative to positive. They see the lighter side of life than the darker side. The thing is to trust ourselves and move on. When a person stands on stage for the first time others laugh at the trembling person but when that person practices, conquers his fears and speaks, everyone just shut their mouth and listen. This happens due to self-confidence. The confidence which we have in our own selves, no matter what will happen I will practice again and succeed, show the whole world what I am and capable of doing.


Decide What we want to achieve – We need to be very precise and specific about what we want to achieve in life. The exact goal. Becoming rich or to be successful in life are vague goals, everyone wants to be successful and become rich. We need to decide the exact goal and path which we will follow to reach there. The path may not be smooth and full of obstacles or no one dared to walk that way, but you have planned it. Go ahead with it. When goals are specific we can define the exact results and the time period to achieve that goal. Setting an ambiguous goal will not land us anywhere.

To achieve a certain goal we need motivation and a drive to reach that goal. The fire should keep burning or we will not get desired results. An Extraordinary determination is required to achieve extraordinary goals. Without perseverance and determination, it is difficult to achieve extraordinary goals. Mere determination will not land you to your final dream destination, but a clear vision and constant planning will help you achieve the impossible.

We have to check what drives us towards our goal. If your goal does not seem meaningful enough to drive you crazy, it means it is not exactly what you want to do. Find out the exact goal, something which pounds you out of bed each morning and drives your attention towards it. Something which you love doing and does not get bored. It is bigger than your personal problems or inabilities to achieve it, something which attracts you towards it. When we decide on a specific goal which we want to achieve we get committed to it with full devotion and dedication, that is what brings success. Success does not come to those who are very talented or very knowledgeable but to those who work hard with extraordinary enthusiasm to live a life of their dreams.

Just dreaming will not land us anywhere. A lot of people dream and have ideas, but they land up nowhere. The thing is about implementation. Dream big and work hard to achieve that goal. Everyone who made it to the top had dreamt big one day and so they were at those positions right now. When we will work hard where we are now we will land in our desired position after several years of constant hard work.

When we decide what we want to achieve we take right measure to reach there. Age is no barrier for dreams and goal setting. We need a positive attitude and thought to reach our goals.


Duration: 1 Day

Program outline –

  • Decide your Path
  • Role of Self Confidence in setting Goals
  • Myths of Goal Setting
  • Full Year planning
  • Food for thought
  • How to make to do list
  • Measure Goals and Celebrate Success
  • Self Discipline
  • Role of Motivation in Goal Setting
  • Develop a New Habit
  • The Precious Hour
  • Develop a plan of Action

Methodology :

  • Lectures
  • Group Discussions
  • Exercises and Feedback


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