Goal Writing: Important aspect of Goal Setting

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Goal Writing is important for the achievement of goals. You may have lots of things in your mind, but then it is usually one or two which you choose to do, goal writing helps at these confused moments since we can go through written goals over and over again when we are distracted from our path.

Goal writing

Writing down goals are very important because written goals programs our subconscious mind. Thus, we do not miss our targets and achieve our goals faster. Writing down our goals helps us in doing the proper planning so that we can go through it again and again and live in it.

Set goals which you really want and not something which makes others happy or sounds good – Set goals which you desire to achieve from the bottom of your heart, then only you will be successful in your endeavour. If you do something which just sounds good and does not interests you, you will not find time to complete that goal. Be specific as to what you want and how you desire to achieve it. When you set goals which you want you will put your heart and soul into it. Thus when faced with failures you will stick with your goal and ride over troubled waters.

For example I wanted to be a soft skills trainer but if I tried to get into hard skills like PHP training it would be difficult for me to manage as I have very less knowledge of that field and i will not be successful in that field however hard I try to learn PHP. The problem is I do not like it, if I had passion for learning PHP and getting into PHP training I would have been successful in learning the ins and outs of the language, but I don’t love it so it will be difficult for me to adjust.
When we do something which we desire we will be successful in that field.

Write your goals in positive rather than negative – Put your goals in writing in positive rather than negative. Positive goals motivate and help us in moving and planning further. Positive written goals attract positive thoughts and attract all the positive aspects of life towards us. Writing goals like “ I want to do studies rather than playing video games when back from school “ rather than I don’t want to play video games when back from school. Negative statements and negative words distract our mind and we think in a negative frame of mind.

Write your goals down in complete detail – Write complete details of what you want to accomplish and the exact time period you have set to achieve a particular goal. Writing our goals in details helps us in knowing the exact intricacies of the particular goal. We are aware of the drawbacks and hence prepared to face the situation. For example, I am planning to buy a car which costs 10 lacs then I have to plan how much money to save per month so that I can buy a car. How much money will be financed by the bank and how much I have to pay? For what time period, I will be taking the loan and how much money I have to pay each month as the loan. Does it fits my budget or not. Thus when I get into the details I can plan better and achieve my goal successfully.

Set high Goals – Set high goals. setting high goals opens our mind and we work harder to achieve something which we have set out of our comfort zone. When we set goals which are small and in our limits we will not stretch ourselves and know our true potential. It is when we set high goals that we understand our potential and try to achieve it. It is very correctly said that when we aim for the moon we will at least reach the stars. Thus in any way setting high goals are always beneficial and works in our favor. Like weak desires bring weak results, strong desires brings good results. Thus when we set high goals we will have a strong desire to be successful.

Write down your goals – When you have written down your goals you create a road map in your mind. You know which way to go so that you move a step closer to your goals. Climbing one step at a time will move us closer to our goals. When we take a step every day towards our goal we will reach success. Writing our goals on paper helps us in planning better and we know the important tasks to be accomplished. Written goals are always better than goals which hang around in our mind. we tend to forget it and when we have 100’s of goal to achieve we get lost and hence land up nowhere and find us doing something which we have been dong all along. If we do something which we have been doing all along we will get same results, it is only when we do something different that we can expect a different result.

Make a list

Writing goals by making a to-do list clear our vision and mind. We will be able to visualize things better. Maintaining a list helps a lot in remembering what needs to be done and how much time we can dedicate to a certain work. Keeping an up to date list always helps as to what work needs to be completed today, tomorrow or day after tomorrow. the listing can be done in a dairy or Google calendar or your mobile phone or Ipad. Any gadgets can be used, but the point is to complete tasks on time. When a lady goes for grocery shopping she maintains a list so that it is easy for her to remember the items and nothing is left out. When the regular item gets out of stock she writes them down and purchase them when going to the market. The same way listing helps managers to manage his time well. He will not procrastinate and complete the allotted work in time. f something is left he will transfer it to the next day and complete the given task.

Making a list is very important. There are various types of lists. Master list where everything is written and we our month from that list. We make a monthly list, weekly list, and daily list to keep our work up to date.

The monthly list comprises of work which we plan to complete in a month’s time. We plan our meetings with clients, schedule visit to other departments, schedule to work for the advancement of the company, time allotment for a particular project.

Weekly list is smaller than the monthly list, but this maintains details of work which needs to be completed in a weeks time. What work will be handled by us from Mon – sat and how we will achieve our weekly goal?

Daily list to keep track of work which needs to be completed daily. This helps us in checking our advancements whether we have achieved our daily goal or not. if something is left we transfer it to next day so that we can reach office early and complete the left out work on time.

Listing improves our productivity and we are sure to hit success.

The list does not have to be something very sophisticated and big. Make your list according to your understanding and comfort. Writing goals (SMART Goals) in your own language helps you since you can visit it again and again and make changes accordingly. Do not ask someone else to pen down your list as you do not have time to write them down. Preparing a list in our own comfortable language increases our interest to go through it again and again. We will remember something written by us much more than list prepared by someone else for us. Find the time, sit down and prepare you list. It is one-time work, but it’s sure to increase work efficiency. It also moves us out of our comfort zone to work harder and achieve our daily, weekly or monthly goals.

Measure Goals and celebrate success

Goals are measurable. Writing Goals actually helps us to measure the distance covered and the left over path. We give birth to our goal and follow the path till we have achieved the desired outcome. The goal stays with us until it is achieved. Then we plan and move on to our next goal. For example, I have decided to open my soft skills training institute after one year. I will make sure that I have enough funds for opening the institute, I have completed the training programs I want to teach to my participants. I have to check in the last stages what more is left and what needs to be done. have to check regularly how far I have moved and what has been achieved till date so that I can actually measure my performance. When everything runs according to my planned schedule it will be easy for me to open my institute on time. Proper planning is necessary to set and achieve goals.

We need to keep track of our goal as to how far I have reached. This helps us in making changes to our plan if we are running out of time.

It is very important to Write goals and measure them. But when a goal is achieved we should not forget to celebrate it. This makes the moment memorable and we move on to our next goal. Celebrating the success of our goal is important as it motivates us to work harder and increases our focus towards the next goal with more enthusiasm and energy. It is this energy which is required when we experience failures and setbacks in the long run. We can go back and recollect all good memories and then start fresh with a new vision. Failures are never fatal and success is never final we need to walk on a path and complete our journey of life with a happy mind and enthusiasm.

The celebration of success can be done by a small party or a big party depending upon your budget and type of achievement. It can also be a small family get together, just anything small or big but remember it is important to celebrate success. For example – I won an award for best reporting as a trainer in zone conference in the year 2011. I celebrated my success with my office employees. It is all upon you how you want to celebrate your success there is no hard and fast rule for it.

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