Good Soft Skills key to Success

Current education employability gap in India is very challenging. Every individual is busy adding more and more qualifications in their resume. They just want a job by hook or by crook and rest else doesn’t matter. It is the ripe time that a candidate looks within himself and finds out, is it only the lack of qualifications which is responsible for his/ her unemployment or is it something else. Is it their wrong attitude? Wrong way of self-presentation? Or poor communication skills which are responsible for their unemployment. If the question is addressed correctly the reasons will come in the forefront and the issues will be addressed. It is seen that most of the qualified candidates don’t get a desired job or designation while the under qualified takes away a good job and good designation. What’s that “X” factor which differentiates the two. It is just the way of communicating and presentation of ideas which lands a student into a good job.

Maximum companies face the same problem “ They can’t find candidates with right attitude “. Companies can train a job seeker with basic hard skills but good soft skills. It is very difficult to find a humble candidate with the right attitude and ready to learn and adjust mentality. Many carry a distended ego and attitude hence they are very dis- satisfied and keep on changing jobs and thus undergo a career break. Job applicants who get into a company do not get the desired promotion if he cannot work in a team. The person should be able to communicate his work properly so that he is perceived well, but poor Communication skills lead to miscommunication and negative perception.

Gone are the days when no importance was given to soft skills and hard skills were the top most requirements for getting a job. But nowadays the scenario has changed and if a person wants to rise the ladder of success he should possess good communication skills. Companies don’t hire HR managers, team leaders or other top personnel with a person lacking people skills. Soft skills are the need of the hour. To improve it is very necessary that a candidate gets enrolled in an institute or the college ties up with a soft skill training institute to fill in the employability gap. This will not only improve the attitude of the student but also help the college in getting good placement.

There are many soft skills training institutes like Pegasus training institute, Dale Carnage training institute or Attitude School where a candidate can enroll and select the right course. This will fill in the gaps in their career and help students pass the interview with flying colors.

It is right time that all colleges revise their college curriculum and include soft skills training in their curriculum and hire a Soft Skills trainer or a Training institute to do the job. This initiative will not only solve candidates problem but placement problems of all colleges.

It’s time to change, let us get that dream job by polishing the hard skills with right communication skills and never look back and raise the pinnacle of success.

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