How to show teamwork by Ice-Cream Cups activity

How to show teamwork by Ice-Cream Cups activity

Teamwork is needed for doing all kinds of work in a corporate environment. You build a team to do projects and for deployment of other works. The coordination is very important because if the team members do not listen to each other, they are bound to fail as a team. Proper and timely communication between team members is important. When one person speaks the other should listen. There should be a proper understanding between team members.

Ice-cream cups activity can be conducted for an audience of the group size of 20-30. Here I am giving an example of this activity for an audience of 30 people. Form 6 groups of 5 people each. This Ice-cream cups activity is a teamwork activity.

For carrying out this activity, you need following things-

  • 6 medium sized horizontal tables
  • 360 Ice-Cream Cups (60 cups per group)
  • 6 soft cotton cloth (For blindfolding a person)

Ask the group members to leave their chairs and occupy one table per group. Put 60 ice-cream cups and soft cotton cloth each on all the 6 tables.

Ask all the teams to choose one person who will get blindfolded and arranges the ice cream cups one over the other. The ice-cream cups arrangement should be tall. The tallest arrangement will be the winner. It is 5 minutes activity. The only criteria for success are that at the end of 5 minutes the cup arrangement should be intact and should not fall on its own.

Start your timer and declare the start of the activity. As a trainer just check how much planning each group is doing and how team members are coordinating with each other. You can carry a notepad and write down your observations. Check if any team has declared a leader or someone from the whole team took an initiative by becoming a leader and assisting the whole group in completing the activity. See if there is someone in the group who is just relaxing and sitting because other members are working so he is not needed. You as a soft skills trainer has to check everything so that you can give the right feedback and help the person understand his/ her loopholes and work on it. The main reason behind conducting soft skills training program is to help the person come out of the closet and grow. And those who are ahead of others, they should take leadership roles and help in the growth of other team members.

Ask the team member to blindfold one person who will arrange the ice cream cups one over the other and rest of the 4 members will help that blindfolded person in the arrangement of cups by verbal communication. The other team members cannot touch the ice cream cups arrangement. You as a soft skills trainer will see that the team which had properly planned before starting the activity was coordinating better than others. Declare when 2 minutes get over, then 3, 4 minutes. Stop the activity at the end of 5 minutes.

Check which team is the winner and whose arrangement of ice cream cups is standing tall. Ask all the whole winning team to come in the forefront and share their views. Then ask rest of all the 5 team for their feedback. Find out which team performed badly. Ask the group members for the reason. This discussion session will take 15-20 minutes.

The whole activity will be completed in 20- 25 minutes. Debriefing after the completion of the activity is very important. The audience will understand something only when you make them understand your point. Never think as a trainer that there are few things which the audience will understand on their own. Though few people may grasp your point of view, but others may not catch it. You always have a mixed group in a training program where every person has different IQ level.

You as a soft skills trainer explain and make the training program great by conducting good training activities.

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