Importance of Communication in Job Interview

This write-up is a part of How to Face Interview article published earlier.

Communication plays a big role in Job Interview. You communicate with the interviewer by means of both verbal and nonverbal Communication. The words you speak, the things you carry, your dress, your eye contact, your way of answering questions, your tone etc everything speaks about the person you are within and your personality. You should work on your attitude, your body language and prepare for the interview to be successful. Prepare differently for different job interviews. Every job requirement is different and by preparing the same stuff you cannot fit everywhere. Every employer has a different requirement so take the time to sit with yourself and work on each and every interview differently. Convey your message correctly by using the right words and those words will flow from your mouth automatically when you practice your stuff again and again.

Communication is:

7 % – What you say

38 % – Voice Quality

55 % – Non Verbal

A person communicates through his facial expressions, eye contact, hand gestures, posture and way of dressing.

Your body movements speak a lot about you when you answer a question. The interviewer can easily make out how comfortable you are while answering questions. when you speak something with confidence it will show up on your face and your stammer will show the lack of confidence.

Your nonverbal communication should not contradict your verbal communication. It should not be that you are speaking something else and your body is communicating the other way.

Do not fold your hands around your chest it gives a feeling of a reserved person closed to communication. Keep your hands open on the table. Keep the necessary folders etc on the table, if carrying a briefcase it should rest at the side of your chair from where you can retrieve important documents easily.

Maintain proper eye contact while answering questions. It speaks a lot about you. If you do not look interviewer into his eyes while answering a question, it will show your lack of confidence. Just concentrate on the interviewers question. Do not remain physically present and mentally absent. You may lose track of the question and misunderstand it or ask for clarification again and again, this will show your distractions. You are perceived according to the way you behave in the interview. You have to prove your worth to the interviewer by way of answering questions and convincing him that you are the most suitable candidate for the interview.

Shake hands firmly when the interviewer extends his hands. If you have problems of sweaty hands, clean your hands in your handkerchief before offering a handshake.

Your eye movements speak a lot about you. Check them. If you wander here and there, it shows you are not fully prepared for the interview.

Dress appropriately for the interview. Wear formal clothes when appearing for an interview. Never ever appear in casuals. It shows your lack of interest in the interview and the company.

Take time to sign your copy of resume so that you can hand it over to the interviewer when needed. Don’t slouch, sit straight so that you both can clearly face each other. Modulate your voice while stressing a point in the interview but don’t shout. The interviewer wants to see your passion which should show off in your voice.

Do not fold legs or sit crossed legs, do not shake legs, do not carry anything in hand or lap as it restricts your body movement. You have to give your interview the best shot. The first impression will be carried till the last therefore it’s very necessary that you create the positive first impression. The way you treat people around you also speaks a lot about the person you are. Act reasonably with all office employees when appearing for an interview. You are assessed from the time you enter the place of an interview to the time you leave the interview. There are many employers who seek feedback from every person you came across and if they sound negative, chances of your selection are minimal.

Do not carry a bad odour while appearing for an interview. Do not apply too much Cologne and perfume when appearing for an interview, the interviewer might get distracted or may be allergic to it.

Be natural while answering questions. Do not let the tension grip over you. He will be testing your mettle to the ultimate level before selection. Do not carry a rude face, show your smile it looks good on your face.

Check speed and pitch of your delivery. Neither too fast or too slow. Do not touch your nose, lips or hair while answering questions, it distracts and shows your lack of confidence.
Do not sit at the edge of the chair, it shows your lack of confidence.

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