Importance of Listening in career growth

Importance of Listening in career growth

Listening is very important when it comes to career growth or clarity of thoughts. Without listening it is difficult to understand what is going around us and it is also very difficult to catch what the other person is speaking. The other person may be making lots of sense but if we do not pay attention it is difficult to understand what has been spoken. Spoken words carry meaning only if you listen to it or everything falls on deaf ears. Listening carries lots of importance and it is as important as speaking. Listening plays a big role in communication. No conversation is complete if there is no listening. Until and unless you listen to what has been spoken you cannot understand what is being conveyed to you. There are times when you find the stuff which is being discussed very boring but then for understanding what is being spoken you have to pay attention to what is being spoken. Even a mere conversation carries no importance if there is no proper listening involved in it. In a board meeting or business, environment listening plays a very big role. When the speaker is speaking something and the audience listens to him he is sure that whatever he is speaking is being understood.

For proper listening to take place it is necessary that the person is in a good frame of mind or else it is difficult to listen properly with preoccupied thoughts. Preconceived notions create lots of problems when it comes to active listening. For hearing you need ears but for listening, you need to involve the brain which processes the information which is being spoken. When you think and understand what is being spoken that is the time that proper listening takes place. Though people take listening very lightly but it is something which carries lots of meaning. The whole conversation which is taking place can turn upside down if the person who is listening is not paying proper attention to it. The whole message which is being conveyed may be misunderstood. Along with proper listening, it is important that there is proper understanding so that everything falls in the right place. The listener and the speaker both have to be in the right frame of mind or else it is difficult for a healthy conversation to take place. Few misunderstood words can create an unhealthy environment and can even cause anger.

People sometimes live in the misconception that they have understood what is being spoken and there is no need for regular clarification. For good listening to take place the spoken words must be understood fully. Sometimes the speaker who is speaking is not able to convey his words properly or cannot speak in a clear tone and that is the reason why proper listening does not take place. Sometimes there are few technical words which are being spoken which are difficult for the listener to catch and hence they cannot pay proper attention. Speaking is important and so is listening so that the conversation is complete and fruitful. Think of a situation where the speaker is just speaking and there is no one is the room who is listening, then what will happen to such a conversation and how will the speaker feel about it.

It is important to have a clear picture of the spoken words so that misconceptions and miscommunication are avoided. Every organisation is looking for employees who are good listeners because you cannot work properly if you are not listening properly. Think of a situation where a person is teaching you how to work with a machine and you are not listening to him and you are busy with your own thoughts then what will happen. The whole time will be wasted and there will be no fruitful outcome. While on the other hand if the other person is listening actively and processing information correctly the time is being properly utilised. A person who rises up the corporate ladder is not one who is very intelligent but he is someone who has a good attitude towards his work and is a good listener. Everyone loves talking to people who are good listeners. No one wants to talk with a person who just speaks and is not ready to listen.

There is various importance of listening. The listener understands what is being spoken and when he implements his knowledge into his work he rises up the career ladder. You will see that the people who are in leadership positions are the ones who are great listeners. They listen to everyone and then make the right decision. They do not make decisions in haste. If they get fed up listening to everyone to sort out a problem then it is difficult to run a company. You gain someone’s trust when you listen properly to him. Healthy relationships and trust are built over a period of time with proper listening. When I am talking about listening I also want to discuss about selective listeners. They are the ones who listens selectively to what is being conveyed and hence do not understand the message properly. Selective listeners listen to only a part of the message which they like and hence they misunderstand the whole message. This creates problems in work environment where proper listening is very important. It is difficult to handle selective listeners or listeners who partially listen and misunderstand the whole message which is being conveyed to them.
Listening is a habit and with the passage of time, a person learns to listen properly to what is being conveyed. Though it may seem difficult to concentrate or focus your mind fully on what is being spoken but with the passage of time you will find that you develop a proper listening habit and device ways to listen properly to what is being conveyed. Once you develop or devise proper listening habits no one can stop you from getting successful and rising up the corporate ladder. Along with listening you should also have leadership skills so that you can be a good leader and lead the organisation.

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