Learn the best speaking skills to be Successful

Learn the best speaking skills to be Successful

Every person needs to have good speaking skill so that he is successful. You should know how to put your message across. You need to enhance your speaking skills not only for speaking but also to understand someone’s message clearly. Speaking is an art which is learnt over a period of time. It is not one day’s work nor it is something which can be mastered in a day. But there are few guidelines which can help you become a good speaker and help you enhance your speaking skills. Get into the habit of mixing with people and taking the initiative to talk to them. This will help you break your inhibitions and you will find yourself comfortable conversing with anyone just anyone. Once your inhibitions are broken Learn how to introduce yourself. Ask for another person’s introduction. Ask them about their work and start the conversation. The important criteria are that you should get interested in other people so that you can arouse the interest of the other person in you. You have to first become a good listener before you can talk.

When you are speaking it is not just the words which you speak matters but also your body language. Your body language occupies a big part in your speech. If you put your words properly but do not show the right body language you message will fall flat. You should be confident in whatever you are speaking, look at the person in the eyes and then speak. While speaking to the other person maintain the right pitch, neither too low nor too high, so that the words which you are speaking falls across other person’s ears with ease. Speak in the right tone of voice because a good message in the wrong tone does create value and if the same is spoken in the right tone then the message is welcomed by the receiver. Voice modulation is important while speaking because if you speak in a flat voice other people will lose interest in your message. Your way of expression of the message should be such that it glues the listeners to your message. Stress on words which needs to be stressed. Do not speak too fast. Maintain a period of silence when you are putting two messages at the same time so that both of them do not mingle up.

Speak in a language which is understandable to the audience. If you are talking with a labour, you have to speak in a language which he can understand but if you are talking to a high profile person then it should be in a good manner. The art of speaking is mastered over a period of time. The more you practice, the better you get. There is no point of saturation, keep learning and keep experimenting as to what works and what does not work for a particular set of people. Many people have achieved the unachievable just by their great power of speaking and understanding. You may be the most knowledgeable person in the group but if you cannot put your message across to the other person then you will not be successful. A person with limited knowledge and good speaking skills can reach the top because he knows what to say & when to say it.

Add value to your speech by good quotations and short real life stories when needed for giving examples. To become a good speaker become a good reader so that you never run short of ideas or words. Have command over your field. Acquire knowledge, it would never go waste since knowledge is immortal. Whatever you read will be at the back of your memory and with a little tick of mind you can recall whatever you want to. Good speaking skills come from the awareness of the surroundings. You should be aware so that you know what is happening around you. Awareness will come when you come out of your own self and get interested in what is going around you. Most of us are too engrossed in ourselves that we forget the whole world out there and concentrate just on ourselves. Become part of discussions in meetings. Do not shy away from making your point. Get noticed, make your point. Be a good listener, listen to what others are saying. Always voice your opinions and your thoughts. People around you will recognize you. You will get promoted because you have learnt the art of good speaking skills.

People who made it to the top were not always the best in their field nor they were someone with the highest IQ level. People occupying those top seats were the ones who were best at speaking and communicating at the right time. You have to sometimes ask your company HR person for that promotion you are waiting for because you did good work and got recognized. Sometimes people forget you when you forget yourself and do not speak for your own self. Get confident and do it. If you are someone who has a low self-image (The image or opinion a person has about oneself) then work on it. Enroll yourself for a soft skills training program or read books and work on your own self. Don’t hide, let the whole world know who you are. Speak to express yourself and not to impress someone. When you express true self through your words the other person will feel the words and automatically get impressed.

A properly prepared speech which has been practiced before speaking will come out automatically from your mouth when you have to pass a message to your audience, but the same speech will not flow through you when you prepare something at the last moment. Take out time and work on your speeches if you have to address a formal gathering. People will love you speak and they will even want you to be successful when you take them along with you. Make your mark in whatever you do. Be it your work or the words you speak.

If you are a reserved kind of a person and do not talk much with other people, just go out and start talking to all strangers your problem will get sorted out much before you thought it would. This is exactly what I did because I too had problems talking to strangers and people who were absolutely new to me. I practiced this for full 30 days i.e one full month and now I can speak to any stranger and even do a fruitful discussion with him/ her. You learn by doing something again and again before you gain mastery over it.

In an office environment where you have colleagues with a different mindset, you are sure to face problems of understanding due to miscommunication. When you are in touch with all of them and constantly speak to them. There will be less misunderstanding and problems. Human beings have been gifted with speaking abilities so I would say why not make the best use of it.

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