Myths of Job interview

This article is a part of How to Face Interview piece published earlier.

There are few myths about Job Interview which needs to be avoided by a candidate while appearing for a Job Interview. These myths have been discussed in detail below.

1) The interviewer is prepared – The interviewer might have received your resume beforehand but it’s never necessary that he is fully prepared for conducting the interview. They are looking for the right candidate and they will test you accordingly and if you fit in, the interviewer will ask questions and clarify all his doubts. There are few questions which are always asked but then it’s on you in which direction you want your interview to lead.

2) Interviewers are taught how to conduct job interviews – If the interviewer is an HR professional of a company he / she has an idea of conducting the interview but if the person conducting your interview is a hard core technical person then he has no idea of conducting the interview. The person will ask those questions which he thinks to be correct and will test your knowledge accordingly.

3) Interviewers expect you to hand over references contact information at the time of interview – It’s not necessary to hand over all details of contact information at the end of the interview. You can take one or two days time and in the mean while talk with all the references and tell them about the call they will receive. Give references according to the job requirement. If your current job needs to know about your initiatives then give the number of references who can talk about it. Do not mention those names who have no idea of what you did. Don’t mention names just for the sake of mentioning. Neither give references of powerful people whom you think will look good on your resume but do not know much about you. The interviewer is interested in you and your achievements.

4) There’s a right answer to every question an interviewer asks – Not necessary. The interviewer may ask you some questions just to test your patience and check your stress handling levels. There might be no correct answers to the questions which he has asked. If you feel that something is wrong with the question, ask for clarification. After you are clear with what you should tell, relate with the past event and explain what you did. If you cannot relate just answer what you would have done under the mentioned circumstances.

5) You should always keep your answers short – Few questions are there which needs very less explanation but there are questions where you need to explain everything in detail. At that time, it’s very important that you speak up and explain things rather than keeping answers short and simple. You are here to showcase your good work. Its just like you are selling your self.

6) If you have got great qualifications your appearance does not matter – Your appearance does matters as its the first impression. Your appearance is the first non-verbal communication with the interviewer. It speaks a lot about you and what you perceive about the organisation. The interviewer will have  a copy of your resume and can go though it. Rest will be displayed when the interview is conducted. Dress appropriately for the occasion and check what you should wear at the time of interview. More will be discussed in the coming sessions.

7) When asked where do you see yourself 5 years down the line. You should show tremendous ambition. – The interviewer wants to know where you want to see yourself after 5yrs means in which position and in which organisation. He is not interested in knowing all the goals which you want to achieve. You can answer this by telling the interviewer that you want to keep learning and keep growing. Once this stops you would quit. The interviewer will get his answer.

8) If the company invites you to an interview, it means the job is still open – The vacancy may or may not exist. The interviewer may call you just to conduct an interviewer because he is forced by seniors or is a relative of the influential person. If you outperform you will be selected or else rejected. The organisation may have the requirement for other positions for which interview is yet to be planned and if you qualify you will get that position. Always give your best.

9) The most qualified person gets the job –

Is it so? If this would have happened all mediocre would have been doing average jobs and all top notch positions would have been acquired by the good grades person, but this is not the case. You may not be having as many qualifications as the other candidate is having but what differentiates you from the rest of the job seekers is your attitude. If you have the right attitude to work hard and adjust the employer will employ you. The most qualified person may be rejected.
These myths which exist in the minds of candidates needs to be removed.

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