Goal Setting: Develop a New Habit

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Develop a New Habit

Developing a new habit is never easy without lots of determination. First you need to choose which habits you want to replace with a new one. Once the decision is made it is easy to develop a new one in place of an old habit. We need to keep focus and give ourselves time to develop a new habit. Time can vary from 3 weeks to one month. Doing the same thing again and again becomes a part of our cycle and thus changes into a habit. For example, a person sleeping at 12 pm at night who wants to sleep at 11 o’ clock at night should make it a point to go to bed at that time. It will be difficult for him to sleep for 1 or two weeks but with the passage of time he will be able to sleep at that particular time and the body clock will adjust accordingly.

A person trying to lose weight needs to exercise regularly and keep track of his eating habits. No junk food and no over eating. Cravings will be there but if you give into the situation you will never be able to eat properly to manage your weight. Similarly going to the gym on a specific time to exercise will develop a new habit and you will get up at your desired time without much effort few days later.

For inculcating a new habit, we need to keep reminding ourselves of this new habit again and again so that we do not forget it. Share the goal of developing a new habit with your family and friends so that they help you in achieving your goal. Be committed to it.

Visualize yourself as a successful person inculcating the new habit. This will cut down distractions and increase your focus. Never allow yourself to break the new habit on any single day as this will lead to procrastination and a laid back attitude and we try to get more and more in our comfort zone. A new habit pushes us out of our comfort zone that is the reason we find it difficult to attach to it. Do not leave a void space when you develop a new habit replace it with a good habit so that you do not tend to go back at it again. For example a person who smokes due to stressful situation, is trying to quit smoking to live a healthy life should go for yoga or meditation so that he can calm himself when faced with a tensed situation and not give in to temptation of smoking.

Measure your progress from time to time so that you are aware of your success rate. new habits are good and useful habits which enhances our personality and help us in achieving success which would not have been possible before. I remember a very famous quote here “ If you keep doing what you have been doing before, you will get the same results, to get something which you never got before you need to do something which you never did before. It is only when we are ready to change ourselves do we achieve success which we had always dreamt of in our wildest dreams.

It is always our choice as to what we want to do and what we want to become in life. When we choose wisely we achieve the best. With constant improvement, we learn and develop ourselves into new and improved individuals.

The golden Hour

We become what we think about most of the time. Golden hour is the period spent on planning our day. It can extend from 30 minutes to 60 minutes. Golden hour is the first hour of the morning which you spend in planning and thinking what are your goals? What you want to achieve ? and how you will achieve them?

Life s more about planning than living. 90 % of the time we leave things to circumstances and believe that we may not be able to achieve something or dream is just a dream and things like this may not be possible. Having faith in oneself and having the belief that yes I am capable of doing whatever I want to achieve will solve our problem.

The problem is not with what strengths or weaknesses we carry but with our thinking in other terms our attitude. We become small or big just by our thinking. By changing our point of view and the way we look at the world around us, we can really change our life.

The golden hour in the morning is a period to visualize our dreams, imagine them in reality, live them daily, this will change our thought process and we will start working accordingly and hence achieve desired success.

Morning hours are the most productive hours and that is the time when we are at peace with our own self-planning and thinking about what to do and what not to do. It is the best time to work and sort out our priorities for the day. This will help us in achieving our daily targets and delay procrastination.

Everything counts i.e every small effort we take to reach our goals. It may not get recognised today, but it will count in the long run and help us in achieving our goals. Keep your mind focused on your goal. You should not get distracted. you associate with people who help you achieving your goals, think about them most of the time. Utilise your free time in doing productive work which helps you in moving towards your goals. There is never a correct time or the right hour to do your work. Just start and move on and miracles will automatically happen in your life.
Review your Goals from time to time to keep a track on how much has been achieved and how far we still need to go for achieving our goals.

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