Good Soft Skills key to Success

Soft Skills

Current education employability gap in India is very challenging. Every individual is busy adding more and more qualifications in their resume. They just want a job by hook or by crook and rest else doesn’t matter. It is the ripe time that a candidate looks within himself and finds out, is it only the lack … Read more

Goal Setting – My Determinant of Success

Goal Setting is an important criteria for success. You will not get successful in a day or by magic or doing something once in a while. You will taste success only if you work day in and day out towards reaching your set goals. Goals can be in any field of your life. Career goals, … Read more

Dress code for Interview

This article is a part of How to Face Interview piece published on the website. Dress code is a very important aspect of the interview. Improper dressing or shabby dressing can create a troublesome situation. Dressing properly can create positive results in favor of a candidate. Here are few points about the dress code for … Read more

Job Skills

Duration – 3 Days Program Outline : Do’s & Don’ts of Resume Writing Types of Resume How to write a Resume How to approach a Group Discussion Construction of Speech Initiation Techniques for Group Discussion Types of GD Types of Job Interview Qualities for Success Preparation for STAR response Dress Code for Interview Role of … Read more


Duration – 3 Hours The program focuses on a disciplined approach to inspire yourself and others to perform your best, discover how to keep the fire burning in your belly and commit yourself to your goals. Program Objectives : Keep yourself motivated all the time Handle tough situations Help you climb the ladder of success … Read more

Group Discussion

Duration – 5 Hours (The time duration changes depending on the size of the group) Group Discussion is discussion carried out in a group on a particular topic. Group discussion is basically done to check a person’s personality. What he speaks, how he reacts, how good he is at accommodating others, if he a good … Read more

Self Image

Duration – 3 Hours Self Image is the image one has of oneself. Good Self image is very important to prosper and be successful in life. Program Outline : What is Self Image ? How to Improve Self Image ? How to define a purpose in life ? Methodology : Lecture Exercises Audio / Video … Read more

Resume Making

40% of hiring decision is based on personality – Tony Beshara, author of “Unbeatable Resumes” Resume plays an important role in a candidate’s and working professionals life. You should first focus on Resume Making techniques. Mastering the art of writing a resume (i.e Resume Making) is the need of the hour. Being well qualified does not … Read more

Time Management

Duration – 4 Hours Time Management is a daily routine. Everyone has got 24 hours in a day but it is upon us how well we manage our time and get productive. Great work were done by people who were best managers of time or in other words their own self because time management is … Read more

Leadership in Action

Duration : 2 days A leader is a person who leads his team towards success. The situations may or may not work in his favor but he works towards his goal with full zeal and enthusiasm. “When the going gets tough the tough gets going” is a quotation which is very correctly said for a … Read more