Principles of success

Duration – 3 hours Success is determined by a person’s behavior, his attitude, thinking, knowledge and skills. You get successful by working with full enthusiasm in the right direction. A famous quotation – “ When you want success as badly as you want air, then you will get it. There is no other secret of … Read more

Positive Thinking

Duration – 3 Hours Positive thinking plays a vital role in life. It helps you reach the pinnacle of success and gets you desired position in life. Program Outline : Positive Self Talk Programming your mind How to handle Negativity ? Methodology Lecture Activity Audio/ Video Program Director : Rashmi Priya

Human Relations

Duration – 3 Hours The program focuses on an approach which will help you maintain good relationship with your Family, Colleagues, Boss & Friends Program Outline : Handle emotions the best way Tips for good healthy relationship Role of effective communication Impact of Attitude Methodology Lecture Activity Audio/ Video Program Director : Rashmi Priya

How to face Interview

This Article has been divided into several articles: 3 P’s of Job Interview Preparing for STAR Response in Interview Myths of Job Interview Dress Code for Interview Importance of Communication in Job Interview Stress Buster for Interview Role of Attitude while Answering Questions The job interview is a process to determine whether an applicant is suitable … Read more

Goal Setting

This Article has been divided into several articles. Goal Setting: Set SMART Goals Goal Planning Goal Writing: Important aspect of Goal Setting The power of Self-discipline Goal Setting: Develop a New Habit   A goal is the desired result that a person or a system envisions, plans and commits to achieve. Goals occupy an important … Read more

Effective Public Speaking & Presentation Skills

This Article has been divided into several articles. Effective Public Speaking: Stage Fright Effective Public Speaking: Speech Preparation Effective Public Speaking: Voice Modulation Effective Public Speaking: Use of Visual Aid Effective Public Speaking: Increase Confidence Building Confidence by Daily Practice of Speech Effective Rehearsals Techniques for Speech   What is Effective Public Speaking? The act … Read more

Communication Skills

This Article has been divided into several articles. Need for Communication Barriers to Communication Role of Attitude in Communication Role of Self-Esteem in Communication Process of Communication Importance of Listening in Communication Effective Writing Body Language Art of Dressing for Effective Communication   Being able to communicate effectively is the most important skill that is … Read more

About Us

The Attitude school is the first of its kind endeavour that has been started at Nagpur, Maharashtra. It is started with the vision of increasing employment opportunities among fresh graduates from all backgrounds. It provides world class soft skills and corporate training for continuous growth and ever changing industry needs. The curriculum has been designed … Read more