Preparing for STAR Response in Interview

This write-up is a part of How to Face Interview article published earlier.

Preparing for STAR Response is important in a Job Interview. The interviewer will ask you several questions to check your skills. You have to answer all questions briefly and to the point. Questions like “How you handled a crisis situation which arose in your Company”. Here you need to describe the situation in detail as to what was the crisis about and how you handled it and kept your cool till the problem was solved. The interviewer is not in a hurry and if he is he will ask you to answer briefly. If he is interested in what you are saying, he is sure to listen to whatever you have to say. Just be yourself and be fully prepared before you face the Job Interview.

S – Describe the situation

T – Explain the Task / Problem that rose

A – What Action did you take?

R – What was the Result or Outcome?

What did you learn from this experience?

STAR response – When you are explaining your point of view by giving examples. Answer by way of STAR response. This makes the interviewer clear about what you want to communicate.

S – Describe the situation. It is about describing the whole situation in detail. It can be from your previous job or any other community work which you did. Try to quote your own examples and do not bluff because if the interviewer gets into details of the project you will get caught. Tell exactly what you did.

Task – Explain everything about the task at hand. It may me a social event which you did for an NGO or an office work. Brief about what all things needed to be done and what plans you made to complete the tasks. It could be a group project, but you have to explain your part clearly. Do not anything for the interviewer to guess. Until and unless you communicate nothing will be understood.

Action – Here you have to explain what specific action did you take. After identifying all tasks which need to accomplished what you did or tried from your end to find a solution. This will help the interviewer in understanding what exactly you did. This will help them in finding out how suitable you are for the required job or vacancy.
Result – After actions you need to explain the accomplished results. This will show the interviewer that you are result oriented and you plan before accomplishing results. Explain what you learned from the accomplished results.

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