Question #1: Tell me something about yourself

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Question #1: Tell me something about yourself

Highlight something which is not mentioned in your resume. Your achievements which fall in sync with the company’s requirements. Something great about your personality which sets you apart from the crowd.

For example – I am very good at maintaining interpersonal relations. There was a time when the unity of our friends group was about to break, I took charge of the situation and removed all misunderstandings and convinced everyone, united we stand and divided we fall.

I am a self-learner and have learned the art of Effective speaking and presentation skills by attending personality development training programs.

Be genuine with yourself while answering questions and quote a real incident not a fake one because your answer will decide the path of the interview.

If applying for a sales job – My parents called me good sales boy as I publicized My school through word of mouth to get donations for a noble cause of poor children. The school received a tremendous response and we were covered by Hitavada newspaper. There is something unique which every person has contributed, mention that.

If applying for a teaching job – The interviewer wants to test the teaching skills and whether you can manage the whole class or not. You can quote examples from school or college. you can tell your interviewer about your teaching skills like you used to solve problems and make the rest of the members aware of the tricks and techniques. If you have any instance where you were the leader and headed a group to complete a task at the college or school do mention them because the interviewer is looking for those skills in you. He just wants to know how your abilities meet the current job requirements.

You need to answer questions which meets the requirements of the interviewer and what he wants to know. Not something which you just desire to say. I always teach in Effective public speaking class. Speak what your audience wants to listen to, you can know that by researching about the audience. In the same way, you can apply this principle to the interviewer. Research about the company and position beforehand so that you know what is the exact requirement. But be true to yourself and don’t pretend to be someone else. Just be yourself and be true to every question you answer and rest will happen.

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