Question #11: How do you stay up to date in your field?

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Question #11: How do you stay up to date in your field?

The interviewer wants to know more about you. He wants to know whether you are a quick learner or not. Whether you keep your knowledge updated by reading or surfing the net or happy with whatever you have learnt. There are many candidates who stop learning and growing after the completion of studies thinking they have full knowledge. These candidates fail to grasp the new concept as they are not aware of it. It’s very necessary that a candidate keeps himself updated with all recent happenings in his field to shine in the interview.

You can stay updated in your field by reading books, joining a group of like-minded people where you hold fruitful discussions on various topics, attend seminars, read journals and gather information of your field from online sources. This question is asked by the interviewer to check whether you are someone who loves learning and adapting to change or someone who is stubborn and a hard learner. Learning is a life-long process and you have to keep learning to stay ahead of others. Do not give vague answers as the interviewer will easily find out that you are bluffing. Be specific and to the point. You as a candidate has to stay updated in your field for present and future growth or else it is really very difficult to be successful in the fast-paced technology changing world.

For example, I am an entrepreneur and also manage HR functions in my company. I keep my knowledge updated by reading Newspapers as well as surfing the Internet in my free time and reading online journals. This keeps my knowledge updated. Technology is changing every second and if we are not updating and adapting to change we will be left behind and others will progress. In simple words, they want to know how committed you are to your own self & work at hand.


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