Question #13: What type of salary do you expect in this job?

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Question #13: What type of salary do you expect in this job?

I would recommend a candidate to be modest while answering to this question. He/ she may have great expectations but when you are applying as a fresher you cannot expect much and negotiate with your employer. Your focus is to get the job at the start and not the pay package. The employer may pay you less at the start but have patience, if you are selected and do good work your pay package will increase and you will keep rising. I always suggest people to concentrate on work and I believe that money will flow in.

I have seen many candidates just negotiating for a little extra. Don’t do that it shows your eagerness for money and that goes against you. All other good qualities will dwarf if you just fight for money.

You can answer you pay me according to my knowledge and skills I bring with me to your company. let the interviewer give you the range first. If you are expecting a high salary and they are not willing to pay an entry level employee a heavy salary, you are  most likely to lose the job. If you quote too little it might fetch you a small salary so it’s always better to throw the ball in the interviewers quote and then play with it.

At my own Software development firm VinayRas Infotech, I have seen people negotiating for rupees one or two thousand extra per month and they negotiated so much that I actually lost interest in the candidate. It gave me a thinking of their money minded nature and I felt they will not work for something less and if at all they work they will not contribute to the growth of the company. That is the reason I highly recommend do not fight for salary. Your work will speak for you and I believe every company is looking for dedicated employees. If you have that fire in your belly show it and rest will fall in place.

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