Question #14: Where do you see yourself five years from now?

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Question #14: Where do you see yourself five years from now?

It’s very tricky question. There are few candidates who have not yet planned or they will plan once things start rolling or they want to start with a small company and end up in a big company.

The interviewer asks this question to know about your future plans whether you will stick with this company or join someone else. He also wants to know about your future plans whether you have any goals in life or not. There can be many reasons behind asking this question but yes you as a candidate has to check how to answer it.

If you say you see yourself working at a Multinational 5 years down the line. The present interviewer is sure that you are not going to stick with him and the chances of your selection reduce. Then how you should craft your answer.

It’s always advisable to tell the interviewer that once you are selected you will join as a trainee and want to keep growing and rising the corporate ladder. In the meanwhile, you also want to enhance your skills so that you prepare yourself for added responsibilities.

If you are a person with split personality and never stick to your words. It will cause problems in the long run. I always advise candidates to apply to a company they are interested in working and not switch over just for extra money. It’s always advisable to learn the skills and maintain a good employment record. Just hopping from one job to another is not going to land you anywhere and at the end you will be lost. People who grow up the corporate ladder are usually those who show greater commitment and focus towards what they are doing.

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