Question #15: What questions do you have about this position or firm?

This post explains in details the question #15 i.e What questions do you have about this position or firm?“. Click here to browse the list of common questions asked in interviews.

Question #15: What questions do you have about this position or firm?

This question is asked at the end of the interview by the interviewer as he wants to answer few of your queries. Do not be reluctant to ask questions. While undergoing the process of interview, you might have thought of some questions. You can ask them. This will help you in a better understanding of the company.

You should ask something relevant and no irrelevant questions will be entertained. The irrelevant question shows your foolishness. Please be aware while asking questions. If it goes against your credibility then you have lost it. Ask relevant questions related to your work, your job position which you have applied for, companies growth opportunities, your individual opportunities of growth once you get selected and start working there. If the company has got several branches you can ask questions as to where you will be placed if selected. All questions related to the firm and your growth are ok. You can ask questions regarding the type of projects which you will have to work on if selected. Show genuine interest in the company and ask good questions. Please do not ask questions related to salary. When the interviewer discusses salary you can tell something but I would suggest candidates not to negotiate too much on salary at the start of the career. 

What type of questions can be asked?

1) Sir, I have heard that your company is launching a new product. Can I know more about it?

2) Sir how many days leave is allowed at your company?

3) What all facilities I will get as a trainee if I am selected.

4) Can we study part time courses while working?

5) I love working on challenging projects. Will I get an opportunity as an entry level employee, if I get selected.

You can ask questions related to company’s mission and vision and future of associating with it.


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