Question #19: What would you do if our Competitor offers you a job?

This post explains in details the question #19 i.e “What would you do if our Competitor offers you a job?”. Click here to browse the list of common questions asked in interviews.

Question #19: What would you do if our Competitor offers you a job?

Every answer you give speaks about you and your personality. Show your fidelity that once you are committed to the present organisation after knowing your interview results you will not work with their competitors.

You as a candidate has applied for jobs in different organizations and has no idea of competitors. If you are selected in a company, you say yes to the job and then get selected in another company which is the present company’s competitor then you have to stick to your promise and work with the present company in spite of everything else. You should pose yourself as a person who can be relied upon and trusted. You cannot show your fiscal nature here. It sends a bad reputation in the market about you. Learn to keep your promises if you are bad at decision making. Take on the responsibility which comes with decision making, your words have value. Don’t undermine yourself and your value. Pose yourself as a strong person and a person with a strong frame of mind. Your decision speaks about the type of person you are within, and the person you are within is always depicted by the words you speak and the actions you take.

They may also ask you if you are offered a high pay package then what do you do?

You can answer it by saying that its the present work which is important. You can tell them that you will work hard and grow in the same organisation. Do not ponder over the question for a long time it shows your lack of decision-making skills. Do not tell that you will ask your parents and then decide. It’s you who has to do the job and not your parents. Grow up and take your own decisions. Do not pose as a kid in front of the interviewers.

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