Question #21: What Career option do you have at the moment?

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Question #21: What Career option do you have at the moment?

You are having a whole lot of career options at the moment, but there is something towards which you feel committed and desire to pursue. If you want to study further you can mention that as your career option. You can tell the interviewer that you want to study as you work so that you learn new concepts and gain practical experience while working.

Career option is something which you have to be clear about because that will decide which way you will move further. Be very precise and clear so that you reach your destination or else you get lost and land nowhere. If you are not fully prepared for a job and want to study further than do not appear for job interviews because the interviewer will come to know about your lack of interest. Decide your career path and then go out and reach for it. Many candidates want to give one shot to everything and are not clear about what to do. I would suggest such candidates to sit with themselves and decide exactly what they want to do. This way career goals are clear and there is no frustration from doing something which the candidate is not interested in doing. The company where you are appearing for the interview will help you in all possible ways to grow. Your knowledge and skills will help them, so do not hesitate to speak about your study plans. Some companies even help candidates take leave from their respective jobs and pursue full-time study so that they can help the company in future growth.

If you want to be an Entrepreneur than you are wasting your time and interviewers time. If you want to study and have no desire to earn then it’s no use appearing for an interview.

Be clear and specific “ What is it that I want to do now “ Job, Study or business. Your clarity of thoughts speaks a lot about you, your future goals & your personality.

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