Question #22: Describe a major goal you have set for yourself?

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Question #22: Describe a major goal you have set for yourself?

You must have set goals for yourself in life. Short term or long term goals. Tell the interviewer what career goal you have set. You want to rise the corporate ladder, you want to work in an innovative technology company such as Fully-Verified, you want to become an entrepreneur after 5 – 10 years, You want to be in the board of directors. It can be anything but yes be very specific. It’s your goal and you should be clear about it. If you are unclear or hesitant about your career goal it sounds negative as you will not reach a specific destination until and unless you plan and you can never dream of doing something big without proper planning and execution.

Goals are the specific destinations which have been planned by you and you also allot a certain time period for its completion. In the absence of properly planned goals, you seem as a confused personality. An employer wants to hire people who are determined and have a fire within them for the achievement of their goals and reaching a specific destination within a planned time period.

As a candidate, you have to sound very confident when you describe the goals which you have set for yourself. Do not shy away from expressing yourself even if you think that the goals which you have set by you are too big for your achievement. With proper planning and extraordinary determination a common man can reach the sky. Describe your goals in details and do full background work so that you are prepared to answer all the questions which will follow once you answer about the major goals you have set.

The interviewer wants to check your farsighted vision and your future planning. Always remember all questions are posed by the interviewer just to check how suitable you are for the vacant post. If you are up to the mark, you will pass the interview with flying colors.


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