Question #24: What is your learning style?

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Question #24: What is your learning style?

There are various reasons behind asking this question though at times it sounds useless to the interviewee. Every person has got a different learning style and the same style of teaching cannot be applicable to all. The interviewer wants to know whether you are a self-learner, or you like coaching and training to enhance your skills. There are companies who hire trainers to motivate their employees to do good work and in the absence of this extrinsic motivation employees perform poorly. But if you are a self-motivator you might not need any assistance and get motivated intrinsically to improve your work and enrich your job.

You might learn by seeing, hearing or experimenting. The interviewer wants to assess in which category you fall so that they do not face problems in retention in the near future.

Learning style differs from person to person. The specific reason behind asking this question is that the interviewer wants to know whether you are a self-learner who learns by ownself or you are someone who needs external motivation by means of motivational workshops to enhance your productivity. Self-learners are the ones who needs less of companies investment and they are an asset for the company because they are the ones who learn and adapt to changes in the technology fast and they can help others in enhancing their skills and abilities. Self-learners are a boon for the company and they are always on the companies priority list. They are the last to be laid off and are the first to be hired.

There are people who are go getters and fast learners while there are others who are slow learners. Fast learners are the ones who can occupy leadership positions and help in the growth of the company.

Your learning style is your unique selling proposition.


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