Question #25: What mode of communication do you prefer?

This article explains in details the question #25 i.e “What mode of communication do you prefer?”. Click here to browse the list of common questions asked in interviews.

Question #25: What mode of communication do you prefer? (on the job or for communication for interview results. This question can mean both)

There are three modes of communication which are widely accepted i.e Phone, email or Post.

Let’s answer the first question – What mode of communication do you prefer on the job?

Everyone has got preferences and you too are having it. You do not want your office authorities to call you up and would prefer them to communicate through email as you check your emails very often. But there are many people who want them to be reached by phone calls as they do not check emails very often. Then there are those who prefer face to face communication. The company designs a particular mode of communication with all its employees so that the communication is effective.

The employer will decide the mode of communication wth you according to your need. Every person does not have access to everything. Be clear and specific and do not shy away from communicating about your mode of communication. Your clear and precise answer will not only help you, but it will help the employer in understanding you and your communication problems better.

A lot of miscommunication happens in the absence of valid facts.

Now – What mode of communication do you prefer to get interview result?

You may prefer, phone, email or postal service. Communicate clearly to them. If you are staying at a remote location where it will be difficult for postal people to reach you or you have problems accessing the internet, you can prefer the phone. Answer which mode of communication is best suited to you. Many people travel long distances just for an interview and for them an email or phone conversation would be great. Be clear and answer every question adequately.

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