Question #28: What do your parents do?

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Question #28: What do your parents do?

The interviewer wants to know about your family background. What your parents do and by taking up this new job how you are going to support them. From your answer, he will deduce what type of person you are, your likes and dislikes, your current mindset.

Some candidates from poor families work hard for studies and they are ready to work for any employer. These type of employees are very faithful and they work hard to get success.

Remember any question which the interviewer poses is for a reason. Either he wants to know more about you or your knowledge. He checks the synchronization between you and your resume so do not take any question lightly and don’t get too personal while answering questions.

Checking about your family background will let the interviewer know about your upbringing and your home environment. Well qualified parents pass on good knowledge to their children while others have to seek out external help to gain knowledge. If you are someone from a poor background and have worked very hard for education then it will show up in your answer and that is sure to impress the interviewer. Such kind of employees are always welcomed because they will always find out ways to solve every problem and seek knowledge.

Parents play a big role in the development of their children. They are the ones who influence your life the most. Another reason for the interviewer to ask this question is to check what type of work culture they are exposed to since they will share their experience and pass on the same to their child. These experiences will be in your memory as preconceived notions which plays a vital role in your growth in the future.


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