Question #29: How flexible are you?

This article explains in details the question #29 i.e “How flexible are you? (dealing with change or difficult co-worker)”. Click here to browse the list of common questions asked in interviews.

Question #29: How flexible are you? (dealing with change or difficult co-worker)

You as a candidate has to show your flexibility about change or a difficult co-worker. If you are ready to accept changes at the office it will not be difficult for your employer to cope up with you. He can give you different tasks. The employer has got these things in mind while he is posing this question to you. Be versatile while answering this question. If you have difficulty adjusting to change then it will create problems for the employer as you will resist anything new in your life.
I would recommend candidates to change their nature if they are adamant to change because no one wants to work with a difficult employee or coworker. Change your attitude by reading books or undergoing training sessions for personality development. Your soft skills go coherently with hard skills because hard skills will help you in getting the job, but it is the soft skills which will help in your retention and decide your future.

The interviewer asks this question to confirm that you are not a difficult employee. If you are one then you will add stress and make others stressful too. But if you are someone who is flexible towards change and a difficult co-worker. You will deal with things in a more cool and calm manner and look for solutions rather than aggravating the problems. A company will always welcome a problem solver rather than a problem creator.

Many people have problems dealing with technology changes, such people are advised to work on themselves and learn the art of adapting to changes because it’s you has to change according to the environment. If you can’t you are obsolete and out. An employer is looking for candidates with whom they can stick for the long term because they will be investing a lot of money on training and development.


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