Question #3: Give me an example of your (persuasiveness, initiative, resourcefulness, leadership) skills.

This article explains in details the question #3 i.e Give me an example of your (persuasiveness, initiative, resourcefulness, leadership) skills.“. Click here to browse the list of common questions asked in interviews.

Question #3: Give me an example of your (persuasiveness, initiative, resourcefulness, leadership) skills.

Here the interviewer wants to see persuasive, initiative, resourceful and leadership qualities in you. Here you have to answer about a program or project which you undertook and how you persuaded your team to support you when everyone resented and took a backstage. Tell them about your faith and how you passed the same in your team and things worked out. These types of questions are asked by the interviewer to know about the candidates working skills, whether he can work in a team or can work in a diverse culture, adapt to changes in working environment. Always remember that the interviewer is there to select a person who fulfills his requirement so try to show how best you are suited for the job at hand.

There must be some events or programs you conducted that covered all the above qualities. Tell them about that program. Tell about a real event or happening. Tell them about a project which you undertook at college which was unique but no one had faith in you, whether you could complete it or not and how you persuaded your faculties, took an initiative and gathered your whole team to believe in you, this also shows your leadership skills.

The reason behind asking this question is you will need good persuasive skills to persuade someone and get the work done. When you work in a team or represent the role of a leader you have to meet deadlines in spite of all problems and if you can convince everyone and motivate the whole team to get the work done on time you will help the company it reaching its goals. Initiative skills are needed for good initiation of a task and its timely completion. There will be times when you have to initiate and work on tasks which are new to you, but if you have this quality within you, it will really get easy for you.

Show your resourceful and leadership qualities by giving an example of a responsible task. How you convinced everyone to work with you and how you achieved your goal by being a great leader.


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