Question #4: How do you organize or prepare for major projects?

This page explains in details the question #4 i.e “How do you organize or prepare for major projects?”. Click here to browse the list of common questions asked in interviews.

Question #4: How do you organize or prepare for major projects?

Here you have to be very specific about how you work on projects and how you undertook a major project and completed it on time. Duration is not important, but the planning is very important because if it’s a small project it may take just 15 days and large ones can go up to 6 months, it’s the work which you do is important and not the project itself.

Every project you need whether short or long needs lots of planning and preparation. You have to first see the blueprint of the project in your mind before you put it down on paper and work on it. For planning you may have to consult lots of people and seek their ideas, you have to be prepared and go out to collect all the knowledge for doing a particular project. When things are planned systematically half of your work is done. With proper execution and teamwork, you can get the project done on time. The interviewer asks this question to know how better you are at planning and preparing for major projects.

I got the project to find out about the sales of toothpaste from general stores and how we could increase its sale by applying innovative methods. It was a short term 15 days project. We were 5 people in one group and we had to decide how to go about it. We chose one, one area and used to talk to store owners about which toothpaste sold the most. After completing and getting data for 12 days, the whole group sat down to find out which all places sold most of the toothpaste and which toothpaste sold more than others. On which days there were less selling and how they could increase sales. Then we prepared graphs and presented it before the whole class. While giving an example of this project in an interview, you can sum up the whole stuff in short which shows your management skills.

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