Question #5: What are your hobbies and outside interests?

This page explains in details the question #5 i.e “What are your hobbies and outside interests”. Click here to browse the list of common questions asked in interviews.

Question #5: What are your hobbies and outside interests?

There are two reasons behind asking this question. The interviewer wants to keep the interview going or wants to know more about you. Or the interviewer wants to dig deep and find out more about you. He wants to know what you do in your leisure time, your way of thinking and your personality traits. Always remember that a person chooses a hobby which suits his/ her personality the best.

If applying for sales interview – you can give an example of your love for cricket. This shows that you can work in a team. If you are captain of your team tell them how you manage your team while playing matches. This shows your leadership skills and problem-solving abilities.

Nowadays there are many Campus Ambassador Program which allows you to show your leadership skills by representing your college. Enroll in these programs as it helps a lot in shaping your personality.

Always remember that to get the best job you have to shape yourself accordingly. I always recommend students to do something more than studies which add an extra edge to the resume. The employer is looking for some extraordinary qualities so you have to show them how you are better than the ordinary stuff, then only you can crack the interview.


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