Question #7: What skills do you bring that other candidates may not have?

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Question #7: What skills do you bring that other candidates may not have?

This is a little tricky question so answer it carefully. You cannot answer this carelessly. You might get caught and the interviewer will see you as a very egoistic person, sick of self-love if you show how others cannot compete with you and are too small when compared to you. You never know others capability than how can you judge. Never show your over confidence or it will destroy all the hard work which you have undergone before. Do not pinpoint some person whom you hate as it totally goes against you.

You can answer this by telling that you don’t have much idea about others, but you have some qualities which makes you special like good communication skills and being friendly with everyone. These are great qualities and not possessed by all and if you have them mention it. This will give you an extra advantage over others.

Every person has got different skills and do not think that you do not have any great qualities. You never know who is true or who is pretending so be true to yourself and give the best possible answer.

Some have problems working in a team but if that candidate has got extraordinary qualities where he can work alone and contribute to the growth of the company he will be selected. The interviewer is looking for those qualities which are needed in the particular position of vacancy.

If you love blogging or write articles for newspaper mention them. This will give you an edge over others. Give them the name of the URL which they can check online. Yes, make sure that your blog does not contain any nonsense stuff.

I would suggest prepare yourself for the interview from the time you enrol yourself for higher studies and start working on your profile so that you land up with a good job. You have got more time and options to work while you are studying rather than when you have completed your studies, prepare a resume and start looking for a job. Work on making your resume employer friendly.


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