Question #8: What do you think of our company?

This article explains in details the question #8 i.e What do you think of our company?“. Click here to browse the list of common questions asked in interviews.


Question #8: What do you think of our company?

For  answering this question, you should be well versed with the company information.  Go through company website before appearing for the interview. Read about the vision, mission and products. Read all the main subjects and leave the rest because no one is going to get in small details. But it’s always good to have a brief knowledge of all main things happening at the company. The interviewer expects you to know details of the company. If an interviewee does not do his homework well then the chances of rejection increases.

Explain how you feel about the company from your heart. Don’t bluff your non-verbals will speak the truth. Speak all the positives which you feel are great about the company and leave the negatives because that is what the interviewer wants to hear. He wants to make sure about your awareness of the company.

There are Candidates who wants to work with multinationals or big companies but get rejected and look for jobs in small companies. When the interviewer poses this question his negative state of mind shows off in the answer. I would recommend such candidates to change their attitude and then appear for an interview. According to me, the size of the company does not matter. It’s you who can make a big or small difference. Show your edge and tell them your views and how you can contribute towards the growth of the company.

If the company is working in diverse fields get a brief knowledge about all the fields. You can be posed questions from anywhere so it is always better to be prepared rather than land yourself in a troublesome situation. Check the company details. When you answer questions to the point the interviewer will know your dedication and hard work. Any questions posed during the interview is testing your awareness. You should not sound negligent.


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