Question #9: What is your dream job?

This page explains in detail the question #9 i.e “What is your dream job?”. Click here to browse the list of common questions asked in interviews.

Question #9: What is your dream job?

Every person has got a dream job, but the problem is that you cannot relate it with the interview. Your dream job could be to become a full-time writer or Entrepreneur in the long run. You are probably looking for a job to maintain yourself and pay the bills. For example if you want to do something of your own or set up a software development company and the current company needs software developers, tell the interviewer that you will be working hard and will serve the company and contribute towards its growth. In the long run how you want to fulfill your dreams of setting up a software company and contribute to the growth of the economy. Every company is aware of the fact that an employee is not going to stick with it for a life long, but the reason behind asking this question is that the current job should not be opposite to what you want to do. If this happens you will be frustrated and leave. Your dream job should be coherent with your current job so that you are fruitful for the company and work with full dedication and devotion. In the future, you may have plans to work with another company or to build your own enterprise but that should be relevant to your current job. If you are planning to do something else and you are currently seeking job just to sustain yourself then think again. If you work on something which you don’t love doing then the productivity is bound to suffer. Your dream job should be aligned to your present job.

Your dreams and company’s dream should not contradict each other but should be in the same alignment. The interviewer wants to make sure whether you are best suited for the job at hand. This question is usually followed by “ Where do you see yourself 5 or 10 years down the line”. He wants to dig deep and wants to understand your mindset before selecting you.


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