Role of Attitude in Communication

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The role of Attitude in Communication is very big. Two people communicating with each other carry a certain attitude which affects the outcome and their long term relationship.

There are basically three types of attitude –

Positive Attitude – A person carrying positive attitude looks at the brighter side, concentrates on solutions and avoid conflicts. They are happy workers and cooperative individuals who look for overall growth not just personal growth.

A person having a positive frame of mind rise up the success ladder as they know the benefits of positive communication and implement the same in their work. They work hard and communicate the same to their boss. They seek solutions and are ready to experiment and take risks and accept changes in life.

Communicating with others becomes easy when we are in a happy mood than in a sad state. We feel more free to communicate our thoughts and share our feelings with someone who talks positively rather than negatively. A positive attitude leads to open communication and the outcomes are always better than a closed communication.

Negative Attitude leads to negative communication and the outcome is never fruitful. Communicating negative about our friends or employers creates a hostile environment. The comfort level degrades when negative communication starts with seniors or fellow co- workers. Negative communication hampers the work and leads to negative mental state and the personal and professional life suffers which leads to a strained relationship. People associate with us when we are positive and dissociate when we turn negative. Negative communication leads to the grapevine and can cause firing of the employee in the long run if not controlled. A student carrying negative emotions about a particular teacher talks fowl and thus hamper his relations which lead to more and more problems.

Negative communication never leads to solutions but drowns a person in more and more problems from where there is no looking back.

If you do not like a person do not spread false information’s. Adjust to the situation or look for a change when you are getting trapped in negative emotions.

Neutral Attitude – The person carrying neutral attitude will take the middle path and not take a stand in communication. These type of people are better to deal with than negative ones. They always remain diplomatic which work in their favour. These type of people do not take a stand in communication and are hard to predict as to what they will do next.

No communication – Leads to miscommunication. It is always recommended to stay in communication as the absence of communication causes negative talk. There are various situations which arise when we cannot speak or state a problem directly and avoid it which leads to aggravation of the problem. Every individual has to realise the need for communication. The employees need to be in direct communication with the employer and need to disclose their work with them so that at the time of appraisal they are in good books of the top management. lack of communication with the manager or the concerned person will lead to negative talk and hamper the growth of the individual in the long run.

One of my friend working in a reputed organisation had to resign due to lack of communication with the top management. His fellow colleagues reported better performance than him and got a promotion while he was thrown out of the job for not doing good work. So communication is a critical aspect and if we forget to exhibit the same others will trod upon us and grab the opportunity waiting for us.

There are people who may plot against you and make you a victim if you do not remain in communication. A phone call, an email, instant messaging, SMS can work wonders and helps in increasing the bond of good relationship. My husband always told me to remain in communication with my friends so that they remembered me and it was easy for me to work with them when needed. Good personal relationship leads to good professional relationship and we always want to work with people whom we know rather than working with someone unknown. Communication is very important when we want to grow our friend circle or our business.

Staying in communication with our loved ones and family increases the familial bond and we come closer. Just a small text message shared can work wonders and strengthen the bonds of family. A short word, a kind gesture or a small gift keeps our loved ones glued to us.

Never underestimate the power of communication. Communication is an effective tool and absence of it can be hazardous.

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