Role of Attitude while Answering Questions

This is a part of How to Face Interview article published earlier on the website.

Attitude plays a big role while a candidate is answering questions. A good and positive attitude can easily sail a candidate through the interview while a negative attitude can cause his rejection though he may be overly qualified and fit for the job vacancy.

The role of attitude while answering questions is very important. The interviewer assesses the interview on his attitude. There is a very well known proverb “ I will hire you for your attitude and train your skills “. The interviewer looks for that positive frame of mind and right attitude in a candidate. When a candidate answers questions his speech, his body language and tone depicts his attitude and the way he feels about the company and the vacancy. Many apply to a position just to do a job and earn money. They do not think about how they will contribute to the growth of the organisation and any future prospects. These employees are not fruitful to the organisation in the long run. The interviewer assesses these kinds of attitude through the mock interview.

It’s very important that the interviewee carries a respect for the job and the employer. There are many candidates who apply for the job in smaller companies when they are rejected by MNC’s and other giants. These candidates turn egoistic during an interview and do not carry a good image of the company they are applying for so the chances of selection are very less.

When you answer a question it speaks about yourself. The way of approaching a problem, solving a problem, looking for solutions and the thought process everything depicts a person’s attitude. A candidate cannot fool the interviewer by carrying a negative attitude and posing himself as a positive individual. It’s always better that we change ourselves and approach the company and interviewer with a positive frame of mind.

Your attitude is evaluated while you are answering a question. You are also evaluated when you enter the room, the way you shake hands, eye contact and your facial expressions. You are evaluated from the time you enter the room till you bid goodbye to the interviewer. If a candidate poses a false behaviour he might be selected but if he does not come up to the expectations of the organisation he will be thrown out of the job.

Learn from Examples

When you are going to appear for the interview find out how other friends cleared interview. You can talk to them online or through phone or exchange emails and discuss how they had faced interview, how they answered questions and what tricks and techniques they applied. You might have prepared beforehand for the interview but there are few unexpected things which happen at the last moment and you can be very well prepared if you talk to other people and get their feedback about different interview patterns and different organisations conducting the interview. Prepare accordingly but add your own touch to it. Just do not quote the same as the other person did. Be creative and prepare your own answers and carry your own style, do not copy someone else’s method fully because the “x” factor which helped the other person in clearing the interview might not help you. So take suggestions and feedback but apply your own brain in different situations and just be yourself. Do not copy someone else or try to be someone else.

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