Role of Self Esteem in Communication

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Role of Self Esteem in Communication

The role of Self Esteem in communication is vital. The way we feel and treat ourselves makes a big impact on our lives. Self-esteem is the self-image which we carry of ourselves. Low self-esteem leads to low morale and hence the person is not able to communicate his thoughts and feelings to others. It’s very important that a person carries high self-esteem to communicate better.

Self-esteem can be developed by doing good appreciating work which makes us feel good and gathers attention. Self-esteem can be built over a period of time. It can be improved by reading good books, associating with positive people and working passionately. People with high self-esteem are more confident and have faith in their work and themselves. They never blame others for their faults and held them responsible when they make a mistake.  A person with high self-esteem is able to communicate powerfully and creates an impact. Such a person can control and mold the situation accordingly and impress others with their words.

Self-esteem can be nurtured over time and if a person carries negative self-image it can be improved by positive thoughts and associating with positive friends.

our Self-esteem suffers due to poor performance or when we go through a sad phase in our life and it is during these moments that we take a wrong decision. Communication during this time becomes very important. Self-esteem can be improved by coaching and improving ourselves daily. It can also be done by soft skills training so that we improve and communicate effectively.

Role of self-confidence in communication

A confident person is able to communicate better and is in command of his life. Such a person does not allow outside negativity to ruin his life. The self-confidence which a person carries is displayed in his personality, behaviour and the communication which he has with others. He is very optimistic and in charge of his life.

A confident student is participative and does all his projects on time. He is not hesitant of asking questions in class and not afraid of mockery if others feel it silly. A confident person is able to communicate effectively with his parents, friends, teachers and even strangers. He has an open mind and carries a high self-image. Less confident people find it difficult to express themselves and this hampers their communication process.

Every person who is successful in life is confident and in charge of his life than those who are morose and lack confidence. Confidence can be built over a period of time and it’s from childhood days that a child starts understanding and reacting to things. The best way to build confidence in a person is to show him how important he is. The regular motivation of employees builds their confidence which leads to good work and better communication. A confident person accepts criticism and mends himself rather than blaming others for his faults.

Confident students do not find difficulty in getting along with others and participating in the group activity. They take a centre stage and participate to the fullest.

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