Stress Buster for Interview

This article is a part of How to Face Interview series published earlier.

Stress usually creeps in when we are feared to face the interview and concentrate our energies on all possible outcomes. We can bust the stress by concentrating our energy in doing something more meaningful like preparation. Stress buster for an interview is deep breathing exercises, concentrating on the positive outcomes, preparation and practice of mock interview before appearing for the actual interview.

Let us discuss points on Stress Buster for Interview –

1) Know the company or organization: Get full information about the company by surfing the internet. You have applied for a particular position in  a company. Get a general overview about what all needs to be done if you are selected for a particular post. If a company runs diverse businesses you concentrate on the job you have applied for.

2) Know the Place: Get acquainted with the place of interview one day in advance. If you are traveling to some place for the interview, it’s always better to enquire and get as much information as needed for you to reach the place of the interview in time. if you are late you will be in a panicky situation which will increase your chances of performing poorly at the interview.

3) Organize your thoughts: Do not concentrate on something else other than the interview. Think about the current moment and forget about all past and future events. Recollect all the points which you had prepared for the interview, repeat them in your mind. Have positive self-talk as negative self-talk will spoil everything.

4) Visualize your success: It’s always better to visualize your success and see yourself succeeding in the interview. This will increase your chances of selection because you will get in a positive mode and program your brain accordingly.

5) Eat properly: Eat properly before the interview and avoid oily, spicy, or heavy food as it will lead to accumulation of gas and you will feel sleepy. Eat energetic food so that your brain remains active throughout the interview. Your brain should be active as you need to think and answer questions accurately.

6) Dress Professionally: Dress should suit the occasion of the interview. Its Saree or Salwar suits or Professional suits for ladies. Gents can wear professional suits. Yes, the color is very important. It should be either dark blue or black because that is the professional color in the corporate world. Do not wear cool funky dresses just because you feel like and are comfortable with them. You are here to impress the interviewer and not yourselves.

7) Don’t get sick of self-love: I have seen a lot of people waste time in comparing themselves to others thinking how good they are compared to others. They think that everyone is concentrating on what they are doing. This thought takes over and they forget the purpose. Get rid of all these thoughts and behave like a normal human being.

8) Practice deep breathing exercises: It really helps a lot. Inhale deeply from one nostril and exhale from the other. Do this 30 times and you will feel relaxed. You can do this in a sitting position or standing position.

9) Don’t compare: Do not compare yourself to others. Please do not compare yourself to others. Everyone is unique and different having special characteristics. When you compare you feel dwarfed and loose confidence.

10) Prepare for the interview: Prepare for the interview and appear for mock interviews. Prepare a list of probable questions and answers and practice them again and again.

11) Practice – Practice your stuff again and again. This will make you perfect and on the final day you will excel and pass the interview with flying colors.

Listening, understanding and answering

During an interview, it’s very important that a candidate listens, understands and then answer a question. Job Interview is the process of selecting the right candidate for the right job. The interview should listen to the question asked by the interviewer and then come up with the right answer. Listening is an ability which is learned over time and it can be improved by concentration. The candidate can clarify the asked question by rephrasing the question to make sure he has understood it correctly. When the interviewer is asking questions take some seconds and then answer a question, this helps you in gathering all information’s in the mind before answering.

Your gestures and postures should reflect your interest for the company. The interviewer will be interested in you if he finds you suitable for the job.

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