Time Management

Duration – 4 Hours

Time Management is a daily routine. Everyone has got 24 hours in a day but it is upon us how well we manage our time and get productive. Great work were done by people who were best managers of time or in other words their own self because time management is self management. With appropriate steps and full utilization of available resources time management gets easier. To manage our time we need to follow a proper schedule. At Attitude School you will learn the intricacies of time Management.

Program Outline –

  • Why Time management is necessary and how it helps you grow ?
  • Areas affected by disorganization
  • Improve productivity and effectiveness
  • How to manage time wasters
  • How to use time Effectively ?
  • Dealing with daily work- Email, Telephone, visitors and other documents
  • Managing your schedule
  • Learn to say NO to unimportant tasks
  • Planning ahead – Short term and Long term


  • Lecture
  • Group Discussions
  • Case Study
  • Exercises and Feedback

Program Director : Rashmi Priya

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