Your Productivity in your own hands


Your Productivity in your own hands I have seen people talking about productivity most of the time. It is very important to be productive, be it at office or home. The good outcomes help you move ahead in life. Your productivity is in your own hands. Everyday hassles, tension and pressure take away your productivity. … Read more

Importance of Listening in career growth

Importance of Listening in career growth Listening is very important when it comes to career growth or clarity of thoughts. Without listening it is difficult to understand what is going around us and it is also very difficult to catch what the other person is speaking. The other person may be making lots of sense … Read more

You are your Own Limitations

You are your Own Limitations Your mind has great power. It sets the limits and you are the one who has to challenge your own limitations. No one can set limitations for you. You set it and you are the one who can scale it. Limitations are nothing but the creations of your own mind … Read more

Training programs

Effective communication (EC) Effective Public Speaking (EPS) Goal setting How to face Interview? Human Relations (HR) Positive thinking Principles of Success Leadership in Action Time Management Resume Making Self Image Group Discussion Team Work and People Skills Motivation Business Etiquette Art of delegation Email Etiquette’s Job Skills

Good Soft Skills key to Success

Current education employability gap in India is very challenging. Every individual is busy adding more and more qualifications in their resume. They just want a job by hook or by crook and rest else doesn’t matter. It is the ripe time that a candidate looks within himself and finds out, is it only the lack … Read more

Job Skills

Duration – 3 Days Program Outline : Do’s & Don’ts of Resume Writing Types of Resume How to write a Resume How to approach a Group Discussion Construction of Speech Initiation Techniques for Group Discussion Types of GD Types of Job Interview Qualities for Success Preparation for STAR response Dress Code for Interview Role of … Read more


Duration – 3 Hours The program focuses on a disciplined approach to inspire yourself and others to perform your best, discover how to keep the fire burning in your belly and commit yourself to your goals. Program Objectives : Keep yourself motivated all the time Handle tough situations Help you climb the ladder of success … Read more

Group Discussion

Duration – 5 Hours (The time duration changes depending on the size of the group) Group Discussion is discussion carried out in a group on a particular topic. Group discussion is basically done to check a person’s personality. What he speaks, how he reacts, how good he is at accommodating others, if he a good … Read more

Self Image

Duration – 3 Hours Self Image is the image one has of oneself. Good Self image is very important to prosper and be successful in life. Program Outline : What is Self Image ? How to Improve Self Image ? How to define a purpose in life ? Methodology : Lecture Exercises Audio / Video … Read more