You are your Own Limitations

You are your Own Limitations

Your mind has great power. It sets the limits and you are the one who has to challenge your own limitations. No one can set limitations for you. You set it and you are the one who can scale it. Limitations are nothing but the creations of your own mind or your own imaginations that tell you what you are capable or not capable of doing. I would say my limitations are nothing but taming my mind and telling it what it is capable of doing. Taming your own mind is not an easy task and neither too difficult. It takes lots and lots of hard work along with extraordinary determination and patience which tells you what you are capable of doing. Your limitations are formed from the childhood days when your parents tell you what you can do or cannot do, your teachers or your friends or your neighbours or relatives tell you what is your limit. The mind programs itself and starts believing whatever everyone’s opinion is about you. You too start believing what others believe in. The truth and reality may be completely different but you believe in what others believe in. Once you get and you listen to all the feedback from everyone around you, your mind programs itself and believes in the opinions of others.

Friends believe me that this brain is very powerful and it is capable of doing great miracles. What you have to do is just change your belief and opinion as to what is your limit. Do not let others define your limit but you yourself set your own limitations. You know your strengths and weaknesses and it is you who knows best what you are capable of doing. No one knows your ability and your capability. Neither is anyone aware of your inner strengths. Our inner strengths are something which only we know and no one can view it from outside. We can always work on our inner strengths and increase it. Time also work on you and with the passage of time, you will find that as you gain real life’s experience your limitations increase and improve. The experiences which you gain while living your life, the regular stress and strain which you face on the daily basis moulds you as a person and also increase your limitations. You will find out that what you are today is not the same as what you were 2 years or 5 years back. Your limitations have increased and so has your confidence as to what you are capable of doing.

When you get an opportunity for promotion or work and you feel that you are not capable of doing it just rethink and ask yourself a question is it the truth or reality. You will get the right answer when you think over it once again. You may be capable of doing it but your present mindset and limitations are not allowing you to do it. You do not feel you are capable of facing the challenge while that may not be the truth. I would say when such situations arise challenge yourself and set a new limit and keep challenging your own limitations from time to time so that you achieve your desired success and destination which you have set for yourself in life. Many people do not taste the success which they have desired because they are not ready to challenge their old limitations. They are feared that if they stretch from their present comfort zone they will fail. While there are others who believe that they can get what they set their mind up to. They are ready to challenge their own limitations and are not governed by others opinions.

You have to constantly challenge your own limitations so that you not only grow as a person but you are also very successful in life. It takes lots of hard work and sacrifices to achieve what you are capable of achieving. People sometimes sets small goals so that they do not have to work very hard to achieve it because they are not ready to come out of their comfort zone or give away their comforts of life. Such people are happy with their mediocre life while there are others who sets their minds to what they want and can see only their target and nothing else. These people do not rest until and unless they achieve their goals. Once one goal is achieved they put their mind into another goal and hence increase their limitations every day. These people are high achievers in life because their limitations are not set by others but by themselves.

I would like to quote my own example here. It took lots and lots of hard work before I broke all my limitations and came out of my comfort zone for work-life balance. I am an Entrepreneur and worked full time. It was only after my daughter was born that I found it difficult to adjust my life. After juggling a lot I found the balance. But soon I developed some health complications and I was on constant medication. It was very difficult for me to work. After struggling with my health for long I gave up and decided to take charge of my life. Previously I believed in what doctors said but then I started believing that I can cure myself through yoga and proper food. Things worked out and my health showed marked improvement. I was happy in this new body and those sad and gloomy days got over. I challenged my limitations and I challenge it very often now because I know I am my own limitations. My limitations are nothing but my own beliefs as to what I can do and cannot it. It is set by my mind and now I program my mind every day that I can achieve anything I set my mind to, I am capable of doing anything. I know I am my own limitations. Though I have learnt my life’s lessons the toughest way but then I am happy I have learnt it. My health has challenged me and my thinking and I only know what I have gone through. But now my mindset has completely changed and now I don’t believe in others limitations but my own.

My brain is powerful and it has given great power to my body. I feel new strength and vigour and I know I can face any challenge in life. I can handle any rough and tough situation. Nothing can overpower me and I am capable of finding a solution to all my problems. This day to day life’s challenges can break you down to pieces and it is in those moments where you need to be strong and constantly challenge your limitations. These weak moments can either make you or break you. Don’t break down. It is easy to break down but difficult to hold own. Hold on, you are much stronger than you know you are.
Challenge your own limitations and keep on challenging it very often. Soon you will find out that you are a new person, you are a different you and not the same old person. You will feel a new person inside the same body. Come let us all challenge our limitations and set a new limit. Achieve your goals and what you want in life. No one can stop you. Who can overpower or challenge a determined mind? I would say no one. Your confidence speaks and it shows up in your body language and your voice.

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