Your Productivity in your own hands

Your Productivity in your own hands

I have seen people talking about productivity most of the time. It is very important to be productive, be it at office or home. The good outcomes help you move ahead in life. Your productivity is in your own hands. Everyday hassles, tension and pressure take away your productivity. You need to recharge yourself every day like you recharge your telephone to be highly productive. Every day poses new challenges and you have various responsibilities to handle so the productivity is bound to suffer. With better utilisation of the resources you have at hand and with proper time management, you can touch your everyday target. There are so many targets which you have to meet every day and you are bound to lose some. You can sit with your own self and think so that you can handle much more in the coming days.

You have to stop being a perfectionist and be happy with the good performance because sometimes in the quest to be a perfectionist we take much more than the usual time which could have been utilised to do other work. There will always be some or the other improvement which can be made but then you have to understand that there is always some scope for improvement and there is nothing wrong in yearning for more. You can always make those improvements next time. You are productive when you are happy and to be happy, the home environment and health should be good. A good relationship at home with wife, children, parents etc makes you very productive. Good health is also very important because if you are not healthy you cannot do good work and cannot think clearly. Your mind will be fogged and cluttered and you lose your thinking ability. To maintain good health you have to exercise. You choose any form of exercise – Yoga, Pilates, workout in the Gym, morning walk, aerobics etc so that you are healthy and are in good shape. When you exercise you have a healthy body and hence your productivity increases.


You can focus better when you are healthy and you can work better. A focused mind which does not wander does good work. You are bound to commit fewer mistakes and work longer with lots of energy when you enjoy good health. A diseased body not only kills productivity but it also lessens working capacity of a person. You are productive when you have a free mind. Working with a cluttered mind always hampers productivity. A healthy body creates a happy person and a happy mind is a productive mind.

You need to be free from stress when you are working because the stress which is created hampers your thinking capacity and productivity. You cannot work properly and cannot communicate properly with your colleagues because your mind is always preoccupied with lots of stuff. You can be stressed due to “N” number of reasons but it is you who has to look for solutions and find a path of peace. You need to sit with your own self and solve those problems which are in your hands and leave the rest and hope for the best with a positive mind. Lots of stress accumulate due to lack of communication and ego because the other person is not ready to give in. This attitude kills productivity and the problems mounts instead of solving. To enhance your productivity you need to understand that the work which you are doing now is much more important than anything else.

Lots of people fight over petty issues and this creates very big misunderstandings. You need to sit with the person with whom you have issues and talk. This will not only remove all your doubts but also create a peaceful environment to work and will raise your productivity. 

Don’t do too many things at the same time because a multitasking person cannot focus on one thing and this hampers his thinking capacity. A person who cannot think properly cannot be productive. It is always better that you do one thing at a time so that you can concentrate on one thing at a time. Handling too many things in a given time frame also kills productivity because there is a limit to how much the brain can handle at a single time, if you feed too much data you will have problems and not a single work will be properly done.

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